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Wheels on Meals w/ Jackie Chan (1984) - Color - 100 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Wheels on Meals, a terrific early film from Jackie Chan and Samo Hung Kam-Bo. The film originally released as Kwai Tsan Ttseh was made in 1984 and stars Jackie Chan and Biao Yuen as street vendors who come to the rescue of a beautiful woman named Sylvia, played by Lola Fomer. As with most Jackie Chan movies, there's lots of great martial arts, comedy and bascially good clean fun.

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Wheels on Meals w/ Jackie Chan
Directed by - Sammo Hung Kam-Bo

(1984) - Color - 100 min
Samo Hung plays a bumbling private detective named Moby - who is put on a new case after his boss runs out trying to evade some thugs looking to collect a gambling debt. He must find a woman named Gloria (Susana Sent?s), who happens to be Sylvia's mother. The film features an incredible fight scene in the climax between Jackie Chan and one of the Count's strongmen (Benny Urquidez). The film is in either Cantonese or Mandarin (not sure) with English subtitles and set in the streets of Spain. Highly recommended!

Part one
Intro, Color, title screens, credits, etc. The film begins with Thomas (Jackie Chan) and David (Biao Yuen) doing their normal martial arts workout before heading to work as street vendors. A cool skateboarding scene and a funny run in with some wild motorcycle punks looking to make trouble. We also meet Moby (Sammo Hung) who is made chairman of the financially strapped detective agency when is boss is forced to flee from mobsters looking to collect a gambling debt. Sammo has a few glasses of wine to celebrate with his friends at the pub.

Jackie Chan stars as Thomas

Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Biao Yuen as the Three Musketeers

Part two
Sylvia takes the boys money - even though they did their best to hide it. Still, she is so beautiful and alluring, David and Thomas don't seem to mind. Lots of humorous dialogue and comedy spice up the entire film, as is the case with most Jackie Chan movies.

Sylvia takes a shower

Part three
Finally - it looks like Sylvia is going to trust the good guy street vendors Thomas and David when they offer her a chance to go straight and join them as a street vendor in their funky Mitsubishi conversion van. So - why does every scene with cars have the feel of a Mitsubishi Tv commercial? Could there have been a product placement deal?

Wheels on Meals w/ Jackie Chan Message Board

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Wheels on Meals w/ Jackie Chan
Directed by - Sammo Hung Kam-Bo

Starring - Jackie Chan as Thomas, Biao Yuen as David, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo as Moby, Benny the Jet Urquidez as a bad guy enforcer, Lola Fomer as Sylvia, Susana Sent?s as Gloria, Herb Edelman as Matt, Keith Vitali as a bad guy enforcer, Richard Ng as asylum patient,

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Sammo Hung as Moby the bumbling private eye

Part four
The plot thickens as we learn a little more about why these guys are after Sylvia - it seems her mom Gloria, now David's dads lover at the asylum was raped by the count many years ago, who has since repented and died and plans to make Gloria the heir to his riches, if she can present herself stake a claim.

Richard Norton as the evil heir to be

Part five
The boys come up with a great plan to get Gloria and David's father out of the insane asylum. Some hilarious scenes with Sammo in a straight jacket and a bunch of the inmates. You'll love the riddle of the three worms.

Part six
Watch the exciting conclusion as the boys try and rescue Sylvia and her mother from the castle. Features a remarkable fight scene between Jackie Chan and Benny "the Jet" Urquidez, dubbed as one of the best of martial arts fight scenes all time. The film was nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award for Choreography in 1985. You'll also love the terrific fight scene between Biao Yuen and Keith Vitali. I really enjoyed this film!

Lola Fomer as Sylvia - the street waif prositute thief who is in trouble

Biao Yuen as David

The detective agency boss tells Sammo he's the new chairman

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The street vendors reunion

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