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Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring (1971) - Color - 80 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring, a cult classic that helps understand tragic realities from the Love Generation era starring Sally Field, David Carradine, Jackie Cooper, Eleanor Parker and Lane Bradbury. Dennie Miller (Sally Field) plays a sad young girl (yes... from a good home) who learns about life and the hippy peace & love myths the hard way. She returns home only to find her Mom and Dad making the same mistakes that helped encourage her to escape the suburban lifestyle still in force. Meanwhile, she laments as she watches her little sister travel down the road that leads to learning the hard way.

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Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring
Directed by - Joseph Sargant

(1971) - Color - 80 min
This 1971 film about difficult family dynamics is as you might guess, a little depressing - but it really is a great movie that offers authentic replay of the generation gap, the lure of the free wheeling hippy lifestyle, and the realities of the myth being busted as it plays out in the real world. David Carradine of Kung Fu fame, is not a kindly grasshopper shaolin priest in this film. He is a drugged out, wanna be minstral who likes to steal ice cream trucks. Meanwhile - Sally Field is not the sweet and gentle Sister Bertille from the Flying Nun tv show - but while she had a fall from grace, she does her best to get back on the straight and narrow path. The rest of her family however are not being very good at listening and learning to love each other. The director of this film, Joseph Sargant is also a legend in the industry - that you probably never heard of, as is often the case of the great ones. His list of accomplishments is almost endless - but here's a few notable ones. Joseph Sargant was a director for The Man From Uncle starring Robert Vaughn in 1964, after directing a few episodes of The Fugitive in 1963 (starring David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble), an awesome Star Trek episode - the Corbomite Maneuver in 1966, The Taking of Pelham One, Two Three in 1974, Kojak: The Marcus Nelson Murders in 1973, and of course - Colossus: The Forbin Project in 1970. Just a small list... see IMDB for the full parade.

Part one
Intro, color, title screens, credits, etc. Denise Miller's (Sally Fild) life on the hippy road of peace and love baby.... is recalled through flashbacks before she finally returns home as the Prodigal Daughter. (check out Michelle Shocked's CD -Arkansas Traveler, with a terrific song called Prodigal Daughter for a better understanding of this).

Sally Field gives herself a haircut - and remains as cute as ever. She's got the girl next door look and sweetness down to a science!

Sally Field was one of the few people who could pull off the floopy hat fashion from the 70s. Now you know where Hillary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) gets her outfits.

Part two
More flashbacks are mixed with current hassles within the Miller house. It seems little sister Susie is starting to experiment with Meth (a cheap but powerful drug that is very dangerous to boot). Denise does her best to cope with all the hassles of home life, mixed with a bunch of scenes of the hippy life - including Flack (David Carradine) stealing a pesticide truck and grabbing a free meal at a restaurant by stealing the bug truck... parking it at a restaurant after ditching the cops on motorcycles, and proclaiming he isn't going to pay for food in a restaurant with roaches.

Sally Field finds out where sister Susie is hiding her stash of speed... inside some prescription pills in the medicine cabinet. (must have read Poe's purloined letter).

Part three
I am not sure how many times we will get to see Flack jump through the window while he is high on Meth... but man... all right already... we've seen this shot a few times, okay? A funky party at the Miller house, not by the kids - but by the parents. Little Susie wants to be all grown up - and takes a trip to the dark side during the party. Denise tries to help - but her offer is met with a shrill I HATE YOU! Lots of classic hippy cliche lines... fink, the fuzz, peace and love sprinkle the dialogue. The trip to the doctor is another great scene.

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Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring
Directed by - Joseph Sargant

Starring - Sally Field as Dennie Miller, David Carradine as Flack, Jackie Cooper as Ed Miller, Eleanor Parker as Claire Miller, Lane Bradbury as Susie Miller Original music by Roger Atkins and Helen Miller, and yes, that's Linda Ronstadt on lead vocals on the theme song.

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David Carradine, aka grasshopper with a beard is a real sleaze in this movie... more like a locust. When you can snatch the pill from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.... or jump through a window.

Part four
So what wil happen.... when.. oh my gosh, Flack drives up to the Miller house, in a stolen ice cream truck. Will Denise go off with her old lover? Will she stay with dear old dysfunctional Mom & Dad. Sorry... you will have to watch the conclusion to find out the answers to these and other burning questions you might have.

Jackie Cooper, a former child star with the Rascals, is the overbearing dad, Ed Miller - who still loves his little girl.

Eleanor Parker plays Claire Miller, Dennise's mom who gets a little hysterical at times

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Sally Field and David Carradine at the Miller's pool

Lane Bradbury plays Denise's little sister Susie. Sally tries to set her sister straight... but she is not responding when Denise implores - Wake Up, Liitle Susie, Wake UP!

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