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No Smoking at LikeTelevision (2000) - Color - 8 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - No Smoking at LikeTelevision, a cult classic from Zim Zum, the musical comedy show we created for the internet in the summer of 2000. What were we thinking? This clip features Jim Stafrani, an early user of LikeTelevision declaring that LikeTelevision is the first smoke free web site - EVER! He appears serious, though it is unclear what he is doing to the saxophone player sculpture with his wandering fingers. For an opposing view - we turn to the insanity of Zim Zum's producer, Frank Random - who had some fun with the audio from a Bill Hicks comedy routine - mixed with an old promo featuring James Arness having a drink and a smoke, and wearing boxer shorts instead of pants. Wow.. so ahead of his time. The clip ends with Dodge Benson lamenting about how he won't be able to make the payments on his cadillac now that he has been fired as host when the show was cancelled. Plus... a few beers later - he appears more honest about how he really feels about it.

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No Smoking at LikeTelevision
Directed by - Frank Random

(2000) - Color - 8 min
Check out more Zim Zum episodes - just type Zim Zum in the search box for related clips and shows. Please note: this video features some course language and the views expessed in the content do not reflect the views of our corporate partners, although they might - you'd ask to ask them. We thought the clip was timely after hearing that California might ban smoking from their beach properties. Yikes. Seems a little harsh for the live and let live attitude that one normally associates with California and the people who live there.

With your amazin' host - The one and only - Dodge Benson! Download an MPEG-2 of Dodge! (62 megs) RIGHT CLICK the link and save target as to download.

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No Smoking at LikeTelevision
Directed by - Frank Random

Starring - James Stafrani as Jim, as the CEO of LikeTelevision, James Arness as the Opposing View character, Bill Hicks provides the audio for the opposing view.

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