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At Your Service (1945?) - B&W - 3 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Made To Order, a cult classic film made in the 1940s - where this guy goes to a drive-in restaurant and some waitress starts dancing on the hood of his car. Some other gals join in the crazy sock hop dance and you wonder why he is so jazzed about letting these gals dance on his car. And oh my - is he looking up her skirt - this is very strange content and we wondered who it was created for. We thought maybe it was for returning GIs or maybe a bizarre screen test for Hollywood, who knows.

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At Your Service
Directed by -

(1945?) - B&W - 3 min
Caution: this film might be seen as sexist and offensive. Our apologies - we do not wish to offend anyone, but present it as a part of oddball American history.

Betty and her gal pals dancing on the hood- years later, Lionel Ritchie dances on the ceiling

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At Your Service
Directed by -

Starring - Some very major stars from Hollywood - i don't think so.

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