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Heinz Pickles TV Commercial (1965?) - B&W - 1 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic Heinz Pickle TV Commercial. Many years before the memorable Heinz slow ketchup commercials, they offered these ads for their pickles. This one features a lady who goes whacko when she gets a soggy pickle at a fine restaurant. While it would be easy to put in some kind of snappy presidential campaign comments between John Kerry (married to Teresa Heinz Kerry) vs. George Bush - i will leave that to others. Just enjoy the commercial and watch the old lady lose it in the restaurant. She should have just shove it and let it go. hahaha. Sorry, couldn't resist.

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Heinz Pickles TV Commercial
Directed by -

(1965?) - B&W - 1 min

Heinz Pickles - 57 Varieties no less, never soggy

Heinz Pickles are never soggy - they snap when you eat them. And i regret, some folks snap when they get a non Heinz pickle. Go Granny Go!

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Heinz Pickles TV Commercial
Directed by -

Starring - A crazy lady who hates soggy pickles

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Oh no.... Granny's about to try a soggy pickle (not a Heinz Pickle) - and then she just loses it!

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