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Dragnet - The Big Little Jesus (1953) - B&W - 25 min

Okay... Jack Webb rocks. Come clean... you like him too. In the first episode - “The Big Little Jesus“ - a statue is stolen from Father Rojas' church and Joe Friday has to get it back by Christmas - which is less than 24 hours away! Watch Joe shake down an innocent suspect before Miranda... This is pre-Bill Gannon / Harry Morgan - Ben Alexander is Joe's doughnut buddy.

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Dragnet - The Big Little Jesus
Directed by - Jack Webb

(1953) - B&W - 25 min
Ben Alexander is Joe's police sidekick

Father Rojas - "We must find the statue Joe!"

Ben Alexander as Joe's partner

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Dragnet - The Big Little Jesus
Directed by - Jack Webb

Starring - Jack Webb

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The missing statue of Jesus!

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