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Brain That Wouldn't Die, The (1962) - B&W - 72 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Brain That Wouldn't Die, (a.k.a. the Head that Wouldn't Die) a science fiction classic from 1962 and perhaps one of the worst films ever made. Which is why it is so AWESOME! Folks, this is Ed Wood, Plan Nine from Outer Space bad... a true horror movie in so many ways. A pompous windbag doctor named Bill Cortner gets in a car accident with his girlfriend. She loses her head (i.e. decapitated).. but Bill doesn't. Why - he's gonna find a sweet young girl's body and transplant it on the head of his girlfriend. Trust me - this movie is a real whopper and lots of fun.

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Brain That Wouldn't Die, The
Directed by - Joeseph Green

(1962) - B&W - 72 min
Virginia Leith is Jan Compton, Cortner's girlfriend - who spends most of the movie with her talking head on a table - hooked up to all kinds of whacky sci-fi gear. Her performance is what makes the movie so funny. Why oh Why - did he not just let her die in the car wreck. Talk about high maintenece.

Part one
Intro, B&W, title screens, credits, etc. The movie begins with a scene at the operating table. You'll love how Bill's dad makes his move to cut into the chest. So realistic - wow! Then Jan and Bill head out to the country when Bill gets a frantic call from Kurt

Bill, his dad, and Jan in happier times - before Jan loses her head

Kurt the assistant goes head to head with Jan

Part two
Watch out - dangerous curves ahead! Bill ends up sprinting - and resting a little, and sprinting back to the estate to quickly get the lost head under control

A head shot of Jan, played by Virginia Leith

Part three
You know what - Jan doesn't like Bill anymore - in fact she hates him. Oh yeah, and she has power. And bad breath probably - she certainly has a lot of nasty things to say.

Brain That Wouldn't Die, The Message Board

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Brain That Wouldn't Die, The
Directed by - Joeseph Green

Starring - Jason Evers (listed as Herb Evers) as Dr. Bill Cortner, Virginia Leith as Jan Cromley, the talking head, Bruce Brighton as Bill's dad, Dr. Cortner, Leslie Daniels as Kurt the assistant with the deformed arm, Marilyn Hanold as Peggy Howard, Lola Mason as Donna Williams - the gal with perfect body, Bonnie Sharie as the blonde stripper, Paula Maurice as the brunette stripper, Adele Lamont as Doris Powell

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Lola Mason as Donna Williams, the girl with the perfect body

Part four
Meanwhile, Bill is off at all the strip joints on the seedy side of town looking for a perky young body to put on his girlfriend Jan.

the early conehead monster gets Bill through the door window

Part five
The stunning conclusion - how will it turn out. It is all I can do to not tell you, but I won't - you'll have to see for yourself.

Bill goes to a beauty contest to find a body

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the lab set up that somehow keeps Jan's head alive on the table

Bill does some smooth talking to Donna and lures her back to his country estate laboratory

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