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Are You Popular - Random's Cut (2004) - B&W - 6 min

LikeTelevision™ presents - another bizarre entry in a class of films we call - Funky Shorts. And oh my - this one surely is. Frank Random, LikeTelevision's creative caveman, put this one together, combining snippets of a 1948 US Government Health Film called - Are You Popular - and another decades old gem called - Co-Ed Secrets. Are You Popular is a How to film of dating do's and don'ts for teens - and Co-Ed Secrets is a creepy 1950's Frat House film. While there's no nudity, it is still quite disturbing, at least to this uptight midwesterner. So move over Sergei Eisenstein ... and check out the wonders of montage, Frank Random style. Caution - this might be disturbing to some viewers. Best for adults with a well-baked sense of irony.

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Are You Popular - Random's Cut
Directed by - Frank Random Remix

(2004) - B&W - 6 min

Carole - the good girl?

the naughty girl - who has a strange resemblence to Madonna, the material girl

Are You Popular - Random's Cut Message Board

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Are You Popular - Random's Cut
Directed by - Frank Random Remix

Starring - Wally, Caroline, Caroline's Mom, Caroline's Dad, 3 Naughty Girls - one looks like a branch from Madonna's family tree

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The Boys - who sometimes go off to watch the submarines races with the bad girls

The 'rents - which is from a dead languge of my day, meaning parents

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