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TV Commercials 1959 Chevy (1959) - B&W - 1 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic 1959 Chevy Car Commercial. In this hum dinger - Dinah Shore sings along with Pat Boone and tells you about the new Chevy Impala for 1959. And in a nod to subliminal advertising - a quick flash of the car, which will be available to see in Chevrolet dealer showrooms on Thursday, October 16th. The music swells and the jingle begins like this:
Hey, have you heard the crazy new way.
To send a message today
It flashed on a screen to quick to see
But still you get it subliminally. YIKES! I am not sure if this ad is more disturbing than Pat Boone's rendition of Little Richard's Tuti Fruiti - but the fact that i am comparing the two events should give you an idea of why this classic tv commercial is such a gem.

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TV Commercials 1959 Chevy
Directed by -

(1959) - B&W - 1 min

Pat Boone and Dinah Shore doing some mondo hoofing and singing on the Chevy Bow Tie risers.

TV Commercials 1959 Chevy Message Board

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TV Commercials 1959 Chevy
Directed by -

Starring - Dinah Shore, Pat Boone, Chevy Bow Ties

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in case the subliminal shot of the 1959 Chevy Impala did not register - here it is

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