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Mesmerized (1986) - Color - 92 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Mesmerized (also called Shocked) starring Jodie Foster and John Lithgow. The 1986 film features Jodie Foster as Victoria, an orphan who grows up and decides to marry a rich man named Oliver Thompson (John Lithgow). Trouble is - he's a brute, Victoria really likes Oliver's younger brother George (Dan Shor). Now it gets weirder - Victoria thinks she kills George by accident (trying to whack her husband on the head during a fight with George - she misses and hits George instead). Meanwhile, her husband is a peeping tom who likes to watch Victoria at the dressing table through a knot hole in the wall. Things like this give the movie a real creepy feel.

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Directed by - Michael Laughlin

(1986) - Color - 92 min
There is one thing Victoria and Oliver like to do together - read stories. As time goes one - Oliver becomes more of a brute and Victoria loses her freedom. And then she gets this book on Mesmerism - which is basically the early name for hypnotism, same thing really. It comes from the scientist who first published and studied hypnotism - named Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815). Anyway - Victoria develops her skills and seeks to have Oliver do himself in. Followed by the trial. Overall - a decent movie, though the pacing was often slow.

Part one
After a long intro and credits etc... as well as some background history - we jump into the story of a young orphan girl named Victoria. She gets a visit from a wealthy man named Oliver Thompson who owns a lot of retail shops. Oliver asks her to marry and she says yes.

Jodie Foster stars as Victoria. She uses the scissors to assist her in murdering her husband.

John Lithgow has a terrible dream

Part two
Victoria soon learns that this was a bad decision. As bad as the orphanage was - Oliver had to be worse. He likes to ogle his young bride in a secret hidden room. Basically he's just a brute with no class.

Dr Finch has no idea how the chloroform got in Oliver's stomach.

Part three
Victoria likes Oliver's younger brother George. In stark contrast to Oliver, George is a sweet nice man, though it is a bad idea to pursue your brother's wife. Anyway... a fight breaks out - and Victoria tries to subdue Oliver but hits George instead. Oliver and his father convince her she killed George, though he is not dead.

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Directed by - Michael Laughlin

Starring - Jodie Foster as Victoria, John Lithgow as Oliver Thompson, Michael Murphy as Wilson, Dan Shor as George Thompson, Philip Holder as Dr. Finch, Harry Andrews as Oliver's Father, Beryl Te Wiata as Mrs. Simmons Derek Hardwick as Longwood, Don Selwyn as Joseph,

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John Lithgow as Oliver Thompson

Part four
Victoria gets pregnant with Oliver's child but unfortunately the baby dies at childbirth. She befriends a young preacher who shares poems and literature. Eventually, he offers a book on Mesmerism to Victoria who finds an interesting use for the scissors she uses to trim Oliver's beard.

Lithgow plays Oliver Thompson who is a peeping tom - on his wife.

Part five
Oliver has an infestation of rats at one of his warehouses. A bunch of men all put on gas masks and begin to spray toxic chemicals into the air. Oliver goes in to help and takes off his mask. Guess what - he gets sick.

Victoria good friend the preacher gives her the book on hypnotism

Part six
Oliver's condition gets worse - he starts having terrible dreams, but loves to have Victoria read to him. She obliges Oliver everytime. Is she a kind wife or is she out to kill him?

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Oliver wakes up and starts choking Victoria. Does he remember?

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