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Chrysler TV Commercial 1956 (1956) - B&W - 2 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic Chrysler car commercial from 1956 featuring the forward look, a sleek aerodynamic style innovation that heralded the age of those cool fins on the tails of cars made in the 1950. I am a huge fan of the mondo fins - hope you like the series of 4 commercials for The Forward Look.

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Chrysler TV Commercial 1956
Directed by -

(1956) - B&W - 2 min
Check out these four simple lines - moved into a wedge by an attractive blond model - or who knows, maybe she's an engineer doing high octane computer aided design. This clip describe the sleek styling of power in motion... yes, those incredible tail fins that were called Flight Sweep Styling of the Forward Look of 1956. Wow... Bernoulli's principle in action... well kind of.

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Chrysler TV Commercial 1956
Directed by -

Starring - William Lundigan An attractive blond display artist

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