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Mind Snatchers, The (1972) - Color - 90 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a cult classic film about military experiements, brain implants and science that goes terribly wrong. Christopher Walken stars as Private Reese, in his second film. And Ronny Cox, best known for his work in Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy and Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone - makes his film debut.

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Mind Snatchers, The
Directed by - Bernard Girard

(1972) - Color - 90 min
The Mind Snatchers, also released as The Happiness Cage and the Demon Within - explores the dark side of behavoral science, that attempts to smooth volitile emotions like anger and rage via a surgical implant in the brain. Of course we see the same kind of treatments today - only this is accomplished by chemical drug therapies like Riddlin, Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac in lieu of the brain implants.

Part one
Intro, Color, opening credits etc. We meet Private James Reese, who is a borderline sociopath, and as such a perfect fit for the brain implants designed by Dr. Frederick. Walken does the psych thing as well as the greats (Anthony Hopkins and Dennis Hopper come to mind).

Private Reese (Christopher Walken) wonders if he should have yanked the wire implant

Joss Ackland stars as Doctor Frederick

Part two
Private Reese is taken to a private hospital instead of the brig by some MPs. There he meets Miles (Ronnie Cox) and Dr Frederick who is the genius behind these experiments into altering the mind. We also meet the orderly named Shannon who depending on his mood is either a decent guy or a sadist.

Birthe Neumann as Lisa

Part three
Well it seems Miles has a thing for the sweet lady named Nurse Krause who comes to play checkers with him from time to time. When Miles get more ill - he wants to become intimate with the sweet and innocent nurse.

Mind Snatchers, The Message Board

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Mind Snatchers, The
Directed by - Bernard Girard

Starring - Christopher Walken as Private James Reese, Ronny Cox as Sgt. Beauford Miles, Joss Ackland as Doctor Frederick, Susan Travers as Nurse Schroeder, Marco St. John as Lawrence Shannon the orderly, Ralph Meeker as the Major who wants to be a Colonel, Bette Henritze as Nurse Anna Krause, Claus Nissen as the Army Psychiatrist,

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Ronny Cox as Miles in his film debut

Part four
Problems begin to get ugly at the psychiatric compound - as one of the patients kicks the bucket and Miles forces himself on Krause, while Private Reese and Shannon pop some pills at the gazebo. Meanwhile - the Major is concerned he will lose funding for the project. The button pushing begins in earnest for poor Miles.

Bette Henritze as the virginal Nurse Krause - no means no

Part five
Private Reese is inadvertently a volunteer for the experiments, as the Major tells Frederick he signed the waivers. For the rest of the movie - Walken is bandaged with a wire in his head... and implores - go ahead, Push the button. The ending is awesome - go ahead, PUSH THAT BUTTON!

Miles (Ronny Cox) gets wired for better cell phone reception. Can you hear me now? Good.

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Christopher Walken hangs with the monkeys - touch the monkey - as they used to say on Sprockets.

Ralph Meeker as the ambitious Major

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