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Escape from Sobibor (1987) - Color - 120 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Escape from Sobibor starring Alan Arkin, Joanna Pacula and Rutger Hauer. Sobibor was a Jewish concentration camp in World War II that was created for the sole purpose of exterminating as many Jewish people as quickly as possible - part of Hitler's notorious final solution, which called for eliminating the Jewish people from Europe. Most estimates believe that 260,000 people were killed in the Nazi gas chambers at Sobibor - making it a small sized operation compared to Auschwitz or Dachau. What makes Sobibor so noteworthy - the escape on October 14, 1943 when over 300 of the 600 Jewish prisoners escaped into the Polish death camp and lived to tell their story. The film does a remarkable job of telling the story of these determined heros - and heroines who refused to give into despair, and hoped in spite of a hopeless situation. The film was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, and Won the Golden Globeaward n 1988 for Best Motion Picture made for TV. Excellent.

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Escape from Sobibor
Directed by - Jack Gold

(1987) - Color - 120 min
Escape from Sobibor is great film and the story it tells is totally worth your time. The evil Nazi SS officers are nothing short of despicable. And the terrible things they did is not made sensational or trivial through simplistic Hollywood formulas and special fx. As in life - the devil is in the details. In contrast to this evil - the courage, hope and faith in God, that they might indeed be delivered from their horror is wonderful and inspiring. May we all be so blessed to have this gift in our darkest hours. But be prepared to weep - this is a hard movie to watch... but persevere, and you can get a taste of how thrilled these Jewish heros and heroines were to Escape from Sobibor.

Part one
Intro, Color, opening credits etc. The new prisoners are greeted at the railroad station, where the Nazi's make sure their bags are checked. In the background, we hear The Skater's Waltz - the scene is so tragic as the showers they are promised - a gas chambers of death.

Rutger Hauer as Sasha and Joanna Pacula as Luka

The Nazi Commandent greets the prisoners at the railroad station

Part two
Some prisoners successly escape.... and then thirteen more try to escape but are caught. To prevent this from happening again, the Nazi SS bastard tells the prisoners who failed to escape - to select 13 other innocent prisoners, who will also be shot. Otherwise - he 50 - the math is simple, he explains.

Leon (Alan Arkin) offers some advice to Schlomo (Simon Gregor)

Part three
And so - the plan to escape must be modified. If there is to be an escape - it must include everyone, because they realize that the people left behind will be slaughtered and brutalized if just a few escape. The escape must include everyone.

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Escape from Sobibor
Directed by - Jack Gold

Starring - Alan Arkin as Leon Feldhendler, Rutger Hauer as Alexander Sasha Pechersky, Joanna Pacula as Luka, Jack Shepherd as Itzhak Lichtman, Jason Norman as Toivi Blatt, Eric P. Casper as Captain Franz Reichleitner, Emil Wolk as Samuel, Simon Gregor as Stanislow Shlomo Szmajzner, Linal Haft as Oberkapo Porchek,

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Alan Arkin stars as Leon Feldhendler

Part four
There are lots of logistical problems that need to be worked out. And soon, the camp gets a bunch of new arrivals - a train full of Jewish refuges from Holland and a group of Russian soldiers, who are sent to the camp because they are Jewish. Sasha, played by Rutger Hauer will assist Leon in making the plans. As cover, Sasha needs a girlfriend - and Luka (Joanna Pacula) is selected for the job.

The trio - right before the breakout

Part five
The last two parts of this movie are very exciting and just filled with excruciating tension. And you know what - we are not going to spoil it.... you will have to let it unfold.

Joanna Pacula as Luka - is indeed very beautiful

Part six
Watch the exciting conclusion and try to stay calm - phew.... what a GREAT movie.

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Rutger Hauer as Sasha, the Russian Soldier who is Jewish

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