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Latest Gun in the West - 3 stooges (1965) - Color - 7 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Lastest Gun in the West starring the Three Stooges, post Curly Howard. This cartoon begins with the real world stooges - in color no less, messing about in a Dentist's Office. A bizarre segue to the cartoon - where the stooges are after a notorious bandit - that is actually a robot gunman that robs banks. If you recognize the voice of the robot - well you should. It's Hal Smith - best know as Otis Campbell, the happy drunk from The Andy Griffith Show. Hal Smith however was the voice of countless cartoon characters - too many to mention, see this page for more information.

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Latest Gun in the West - 3 stooges
Directed by - Cambria

(1965) - Color - 7 min

The new three stooges in cartoon land, out west

Latest Gun in the West - 3 stooges Message Board

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Latest Gun in the West - 3 stooges
Directed by - Cambria

Starring - Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Joe, Hal Smith

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