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Brother From Another Planet (1984) - Color - 105 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a cult classic low budget alien film called Brother From Another Planet. Written and directed by John Sayles, an alien crash lands in Harlem while on the run from evil outer space bounty hunters. Joe Morton, is the brother from another planet - who is a fugitive slave on the lamb. John Sayles and David Strathaim play the two Men in Black - who are diabolical bounty hunters trying to capture the gentle hero. The film was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at the 1985 Sundance Film Festival.

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Brother From Another Planet
Directed by - John Sayles

(1984) - Color - 105 min
The brother is endowed with all kinds of special alien gifts. He can fix just about anything by thinking about it and waving his hand over it. He has the power to heal the human body and an amazing grasp of the language and culture even though he cannot speak and nver says a word in the entire movie. The film is just packed with awesome character actors and actresses - including Steve James, Bill Cobbs and Rosetta Lenoire, best known for her role as Mother Winslow on the tv show, Family Matters. Did you know that Rosetta was the daughter of Bill Bojangles Robinson (perhaps the greatest dancer of all time) and also that she had the rickets as a child, so the doctors broke both her legs and reset them. Her dad then taught her to dance to improve her chances at rehabilitation. But i digress - Brother from Another Planet is simply a wonderful movie. Excellent in virtually every aspect, it is fun, touching, moving, hilarious and very well written and well acted. A+.

Part one
Intro, Color, opening credits etc. An alien has some engine trouble and crash lands in Harlem a predominately Black area near New York City, New York. At the time the movie was made, there was a great deal of racial tension and most white people did not venture across 125th street in the subway because there was a lot of trouble with drug related crime. Joe Morton plays the alien, who is a fugitive slave from another galaxy being chased by bounty hunters. He is the brother, which is 1970s speak meaning, he is a black man. It seems he cannot speak though he does understand the language.

Joe Morton stars as the brother from another planet, also known as three toe

Walter (played by Bill Cobbs) is just awesome

Part two
Watching the alien try to adapt to living in NYC is very funny. He is very innocent and naive by jaded New York standards and seems to have a hard time fitting in. That said - the brother also has some unique gifts to offer - like the ability to fix just about anything, including human maladies like sickness and disease.

the original Men in Black - John Sayles and David Strathairn

Part three
The brother is doing a terrific job at the video game repair shop, since he is able to fix all the old broken down machines. We also meet the Men in Black who are looking for the Brother and go to the bar and question Odell, Smokey and Walter about his whereabouts. Also - a great scene with Fisher Stevens as a card player who does a great card routine story on the subway. And for his next trick, he makes all the white people disappear at the stop before 125th street. Part three ends with 2 lost white fellows from Indiana finding their way to the Harlem bar and having a bucket load of Budweisers.

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Brother From Another Planet
Directed by - John Sayles

Starring - Joe Morton as the Brother, Leonard Jackson as Smokey, Bill Cobbs as Walters Maggi Renzi as Noreen, Steve James as Odell, Rosetta LeNoire as Mama, David Strathairn bounty hunter (Men in Black) John Salyes as a bounty hunter (Men in Black, Dee Dee Bridgewater as Malverne Davis,

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Odell and Smokey wax poetic at the neighborhood bar

Part four
The Brother learns about drugs and finds a junkie dead in an alley with a needle stuck in her arm. He has a bizarre night and ends up finding a friend. Later on, he sees a poster of a singer called Malverne Davis (played by Dee Dee Bridgewater) and tries to find her.

Walter and Smokey discuss the finer points of alien life forms and potential diseases

Part five
The brother goes to the bar where Malvere Davis is singing and has a delightful night. The next day - he follows a dealer around the city to find out who is suppying the drugs that killed the young kid. Meanwhile, the Men in Black are hot on his trail.

great special effects - you will love the eyeball

Part six
The stunning conclusion - as the Brother has the final confrontation with the Men in Black, and also tries to shut down Mr. Big of the drug ring. Hold on... a great finish!

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more terrific special FX like a flashlight held underneath the chin, combined with a few blood curdling cat calls. eeeeeeeee!

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