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Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The (1976) - Color - 92 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a cult classic made for tv movie called The Boy in the Plastic Bubble starring John Travolta, Robert Reed, Diane Hyland, and Glynnis O'Connor. Travolta stars as Tod Lubitch, a real kid with a huge problem with his immune system, so he has to live in the plastic bubble. While most folks remember the imfamous Jerry Seinfeld episode with the kid in the plastic bubble (a.k.a. Bubble Boy), few have seen this mildly annoying sugar coated California treat. The film is filled with star power - with Robert Reed, best known as Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch as the Dad, Ralph Bellamy as the Immunologist, and Diana Hyland as the mother. As you might already know - she was John Travolta's lover at the time (she was 41, Travolta about 23). She died on March 27, 1977 in Travolta's arms after suffering through breast cancer. Diana Hyland was also the original mom and tv show wife of Dick Van Patten on the show Eight is Enough. Diana Hyland wins an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, the movie was also nominated for an Emmy in Sound Editing and Outstanding Writing in a Special.

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Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The
Directed by - Randal Kleiser

(1976) - Color - 92 min
The film was made after John Travolta's 1975 TV debut as Vinnie Barbarino in Welcome Back Kotter, and after Brian DePalma's Carrie (written by Steven King) where he played Billy Nolan. But before his breakout film Saturday Night Fever in 1977, he made this Aaron Spelling made for TV classic. You even get a terrific scene where Travolta is doing a crazy Elaine Benis (Jule Louis Dreyfus) dance in the bubble pad, while wearing a knit Tam O'Shanter, teri cloth oh so tight, gym shorts, and a mesh football jersey. (There were NO fashion police in the 1970s you see). Just so we can say - you have been warned - there is an amazing annoying quality to this movie, that is hard to pin point. Imagine Buzz Alrin, US Astronaut who walked on the moon in Apollo 11 talking with Travolta about being quaranteened after the mission to moon. No wonder Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David made the Bubble Boy episode - i think this movie was the inspiration.

Part one
Intro, Color, opening credits etc. The Lubitchs' want to have children but have lost several due to a rare immune deficiency disorder. But this time they are ready, and Dr. Gunther has prepared a special plastic bubble chamber for the baby to keep him safe from germs and viruses. The boy, named Tod Lubitch is played by John Travolta, known to most Americans as Vinnie Barbarino from the hot new show - Welcome Back Kotter starring Gabe Kaplan.

John Travolta, circa 1976 - pre Tony Manero, post Vinnie Barbarino

A baby Travolta - nope it's Seth Wagerman as the young Tod

Part two
Most of part one is about the young Lubitch boy. In part 2, we jump ahead many years where Tod now has a pet mouse and likes to dance like most teenagers. He even will get invited to a party.

A little Bubble Zone Saturday Night Fever or Maybe the Bubble is why He's Staying Alive

Part three
Part three opens with the big beach blanket bingo blowout - where Tod goes to Gina's party at the beach. Gina comes riding up in a horse, and then breaks poor Tod's heart. Ahhh!

Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The Message Board

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Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The
Directed by - Randal Kleiser

Starring - John Travolta as Tod Lubitch, Robert Reed as Johnny Lubitch, Diana Hyland as Mickey Lubitch, Glynnis O'Connor as Gina Biggs, Edwin Buzz Aldrin as Himself, Karen Morrow as Martha Biggs, Howard Platt as the neighbor, Ralph Bellamy as Dr. Ernest Gunther, P.J. Soles as Deborah,

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Ralph Bellamy stars as Immunologist Dr. Ernest Gunther

Part four
More great scenes of Tod at school and learning a thing ot two about hygene as he tries to impress his love, Gina. Plus a mondo cool VW dune buggy.

Robert Reed as the dad Johnny Lubitch, not Mike Brady

Part five
And now - Tod goes mobile in his new space suit, a bizarre shade of brown only found in the 1970s. Later, Tod tries to show off by doing those clap in the middle pushups and has to get back in the bubble - QUICK, all for a bet of $10. When he wins the bet, and the kid pushes the $10 bill into the bubble, one wonders if the money has germs all over it, just like your momma warned you about.

Glynnis O'Connor as the girl next door, Gina Biggs

Part six
The love between Gina and Tod blossoms and there is a really hot scene with Tod putting the moves on in his space suit. But you will have to watch the movie to see how it ends.

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Diana Hyland stars as Mickey Lubitch, Travolta's mother in the movie. In real life, she was Travolta lover at the time

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