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How Awful About Allan (1970) - Color - 75 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a cult classic made for tv movie called How Awful About Allan starring Anthony Perkins, Julie Harris, and Joan Hackett. This made for tv movie was released in 1970 and is based on a story by Henry Farrell, who also wrote another terrific pyscho drama called Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford). As expected, Anthony Perkins plays the torrmented Allan, who just got released from the psycho ward and is going home even though the doctors are not sure he is fully well. It seems there was a tragic accident involving Allan's dad who dies in a fire that scars his sister Katherine (Julie Harris) and leaves Allan blinded. As with all good pyschological thrilers - there are lots of unexpected turns to the story.

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How Awful About Allan
Directed by - Curtis Harrington

(1970) - Color - 75 min
The film was directed by Curtis Harrington (who worked as a director on many tv shows including Dynasty, Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, Baretta, Twilight Zone, and Vega$) and produced by the great Aaron Spelling.

Part one
Intro, Color, opening credits etc. This is one of those movies where it is best to not say much because you don't want to spoil the fun... but I have said too much already. shhh. Allan comes home from the asylum to live with his sister.

Julie Harris stars as Allan's sister Katherine

Bill Erwin as Dr. Ames

Part two
See part one - mums the word.

Part three
See part one - mums the word.

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How Awful About Allan
Directed by - Curtis Harrington

Starring - Anthony Perkins as Allan, Julie Harris as Katherine, Joan Hackett as Olive, Robert H. Harris as Dr. Ellinis, Billy Bowles as Harold Dennis, Kent Smith as Raymond, Trent Dolan as Eric, Molly Dodd as the psychiatric patient, Bill Erwin as Dr. Ames,

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Joan Hackett stars as Olive, the girl who likes Allan

Part four
See part one - mums the word.

Anthony Perkins as Allan, a guy who seems like a psycho, but is he really one? hmmmm

Part five
See part one - mums the word.

Part six
And now it becomes all too clear why i didn't say anything. Watch the stunning conclusion to How Awful about Allan.

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