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Black Brigade, The (1970) - Color - 72 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Black Brigade starring Richard Pryor, Billy Dee Wiliams, Stephen Boyd, Robert Hooks, Moses Gunn, and Roosevelt Grier. A white southern Captain looking to get a promotion leads a group of black soldiers behind the German lines to try and save a bridge from getting blown up. Stephen Boyd, best known for his role as Messala in Ben-Hur (the bad guy who had the big spikes on his chariot) plays Captain Beau Carter. Comedian Richard Pryor plays a frightened soldier for most of the movie in an annoying red beret and former NFL football great Rosie Grier (L.A. Rams) plays the funny big cuddly GI. (Rosie trivia - he was very skilled at Macrame and helped catch Bobby Kennedy's assassin Sirhan Sirhan on June 6, 1968 along with Olympian Rafer Johnson). Billy Dee Williams is the street wise kid from Harlem and Moses Gunn plays the cool headed doctor.

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Black Brigade, The
Directed by - George McCowan

(1970) - Color - 72 min
The film was made for TV in 1970 and has just about every trite racial prejudice device Hollywood liked to deploy. The guy from the south is a big dumb oaf with a lame cajun accent who learns to respect the "colored soldiers" as real men. The black GI did nothing during the war except clean latrines till they got this assignment, and when you get the final racially charged insult at the end - you can see it coming a mile away. That said - the film has some great scenes and Moses Gunn and Robert Hooks offer excellent performances.

Part one
The movie offers a little background as Captain Carter visits the general and has a mission that will win him a promotion. He needs to keep a bridge from getting blown up by the Nazis - so our troops can use it to advance more quickly and end the war. He goes off to meet up with the soldiers who will help him on his mission - an unlikely group of black soldiers who have never seen any combat. Finally - we get opening credits..

Richard Pryor as Jonathan Crunk

Moses Gunn as Doc

Part two
The Captain who is a white man from the south is not very thrilled at the prospect of leading a bunch of inexperienced men into battle. It seems this group of soldiers has done nothing during the war except dig latrines (for the white people to poop in.... sorry, a quick tribute to Triumph, the insult comic dog). Lt Edwards picks the group of men for the mission - and they are off to get some nazis.

Glynn Turman as George Brightman

Part three
As the movie rolls on - the mission loses its first man who gets killed by a plane's machine gun fire. The group meets up in the safe house - a farm owned by a lady named Anna, played by Susan Oliver.

Black Brigade, The Message Board

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Black Brigade, The
Directed by - George McCowan

Starring - Richard Pryor as Jonathan Crunk, Stephen Boyd as Captain Beau Carter, Billy Dee Williams as Lewis, Robert Hooks as Lieutenant Edward Wallce, Roosevelt Grier as Big Ed, Moses Gunn as Doc, Glynn Turman as George Brightman, Susan Oliver as Anna,

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Susan Oliver as Anna

Part four
Some nazis come barging into the safe house endangering the mission - but phew, they get out undetected. Now they need to be brave and face the tough job that lies ahead -and not convince themselves that everybody is going to get killed. Billy Dee Williams shows Captain that he can throw a knife too.

Robert Hooks as Lt Edwards

Part five
All right - the stunning conclusion. After all the blood that has been spilled - will these guys complete their mission or go AWOL. And will the movie really end with some idiotic racial baiting via a latrine joke? Watch and see for yourself.

Paul Stewart as General Clark

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Stephen Boyd as Capt. Beau Carter

Billy Dee Williams as Lewis, the street smart kid from Harlem

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Richard Pryor, Billy Dee Williams and Rosie Grier

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