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Drive-In Massacre (1974) - Color - 74 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Drive-In Massacre - a campy cult classic from 1974. Police investigate a series of bizarre double-murders at the local drive-in.

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Drive-In Massacre
Directed by - Stu Segall

(1974) - Color - 74 min

Part one
It all began at the drive-in, one hot summer night. A young couple gets carved up in the dark.

The police want their man, and some popcorn

"I used to perform in the carnival"

Part two
The police get the call. They hope there was a witness who saw the killer. They go talk to the disgruntled drive-in manager, and his geek helper boy Garmie, but his friends call him Germie.

Part three
The police examine the weapon, but don't find any prints on it. They bring Germie downtown to ask him about a stranger, lurking nightly around the drive-in. They follow the trail to a new suspect.

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Drive-In Massacre
Directed by - Stu Segall

Starring - Jake Barnes, Newton Naushaus, Douglas Gudbye

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Part four
The cops stake out the drive-in looking for suspects, one even dresses in drag. Two more murders happen right under their noses! The drive-in managers looks suspect... he used to be a knife thrower. Watch the wild ending!

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