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Scarlet Street (1945) - B&W - 103 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street starring Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, and Dan Duryea. One of the best in the film noire genre - this is one of Fritz Lang's best works - right up there with Metropolis and M. Edward G. Robinson stars as Chris Cross, an aging cashier who is married to the ultimate nagging wife. As a hobby, he likes to paint and fancies himself to be an artist. One day - he saves a young damsel in distress named Kitty and tells her he is a great artist. One thing leads to another - she tries to shake the old man down with her creepy boyfriend Johnny and old Chris falls in love with the struggling young actress named Kitty. Eventually - it all blows up and somebody gets killed.

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Scarlet Street
Directed by - Fritz Lang

(1945) - B&W - 103 min
The movie is set in New York City and offers some great city scenes of the period. And the cars - wow - I love the cars, does Johnny have some killer wheels or what? The film has so many twists and turns - that all come quite naturally and never feel contrived. This is a great film - a must see classic. Also of note - Scarlet Street is a remake of Jean Renoir's French Foreign film classic - La Chienne (also known as The Bitch, and Isn't Life a Bitch?). Also of interest - the same stars are featured in another Fritz Lang film created in the same year - The Woman in the Window, which is also a great film.

Part one
Intro, B&W, opening credits etc. This is one of those movies where it is best to not say much because you don't want to spoil the fun. We meet the main characters - Chris Cross, who gets a gold watch after a lifetime of service as a cashier at Hogarths. One night his path crosses with Kitty and Johnny, two scoundrels who are always looking for an angle and an easy buck. They found their new mark - Chris Cross.

Edward G. Robinson stars as mild mannered Chris Cross

a slick brochure for the art exhibit for the talented Kitty March, who signs her name to Chris Cross' paintings

Part two
As attractive as Kitty is - Chris has a problem, he's married to a real battle axe, nagging wife. You'll love the scene with Chris in an apron as he tidies up the humble abode. Chris finds more time to paint and also finds himself falling hopelessly in love with Kitty. What is that worth? Johnny and Kitty try and put a price on it. Bonanza! (and speaking of Bonanza - check out Dan Duryea in a couple Bonanza episodes. See Johnny all grown up :~).

Dan Duryea as the super sleazy Johnny Prince

Part three
More twists and turns as Chris sinks deeper and deeper into a hole. Meanwhile - Johnny and Kitty are loving the new apartment in Greenwich Village, paid for by Chris (from money he steals). Kitty lives there and Chris comes by to paint and Johnny acts like he's Millie's girlfriend.

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Scarlet Street
Directed by - Fritz Lang

Starring - Edward G. Robinson as Christopher Cross, Joan Bennett as Kitty March, Dan Duryea as Johnny Prince, Jess Barker as Janeway, Margaret Lindsay as Millie Ray, Charles Kemper as Adele's deceased husband, Rosiland Ivan as Adele Cross, Arthur Loft as Dellarowe, Samuel S. Hinds as Charles Pringle,

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Joan Bennett stars as Kitty March, the kind of girl mama warned you about

Part four
Johnny tries to sell some of Chris' paintings at the pawn shop and then tries his hand with an artist who agrees to sell them on commission. Some upper class art critic finds them at the sidewalk sale - and thinks they are incredible works of art. Before long - there's an art dealer and the money rolls in. But not for Chris - Kitty signs the art and becomes a star.

One of Chris Cross' early works, this one sold for $25 before he was somebody.

Part five
A strange visitor from the past comes by and Chris sees it as a perfect opportunity to get rid of his bitchy wife. But things do not always work out as planned. Meanwhile - Johnny and Kitty have some champagne and celebrate their success. Johnny gets some ice and an ice pick to keep the bubbly chilled to perfection.

a close up of one of the paintings

Part six
And maybe that ice pick has other uses... hmmm? I can feel it - somebody is going to get kiled and maybe someone might even get away with murder... nah, no one gets away with murder in 1945 silly.

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I'd slap you one if I was not a gentleman - one of Johnny's better lines.

lots of smoking and drinking back in the day

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Chris and Kitty share a drink at the bar after Chris saves her from the ruffian

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