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Kid, The (1921) - B&W - 68 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Kid starring Jackie Coogan the kid and Charlie Chaplin as the nice guy who takes care of him. Made in 1921 - this film made a star of young Coogan, who would grow up to play Uncle Fester on the Adams Family. Very entertaining - Chaplin's genius is timeless.

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Kid, The
Directed by - Charlie Chaplin

(1921) - B&W - 68 min
The Kid was written and directed by Charlie Chaplin, who also starred as the Tramp character. It is amazing how well Chaplin tells the story in spite of the state of film in 1921. The story still holds up and there's a tenderness conveyed by the film that is endearing.

Part one
Intro, B&W, The story is terrific. Charlie plays his Tramp character. One day, he gets a baby and a note asking him to take care of the child. He does a lovely job of doing his best.

Like every good parent, making sure he's washed behind the ears

the mother with her child

Part two
Part two is really funny! The scene with the baby in the swing, nursing on a coffee pot is classic. Later, I had to laugh when the little kid breaks all those windows with a rock, before getting busted by the cop on his beat.

Busted by the police

Part three
Part three gives some background on the rich people in the story. This is contrasted with the humble surroundings of young Charlie and the Kid. Plus - a very funny fight scene, where Charlie takes on a big muscle man in a turtleneck.

Kid, The Message Board

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Kid, The
Directed by - Charlie Chaplin

Starring - Charlie Chaplin as the Tramp, Jackie Coogan as The Kid, Edna Purviance as the Mother, Carl Miller as the Artist, Henry Bergman as the night shelter keeper, Granville Redmond his friend, Charles Reisner as the Bully, Tom Wilson as the Policeman, May White as Edna's Maid,

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Jackie Coogan as the Kid, who grows up to be Uncle Fester

Part four
The Kid is sick so they need to call a doctor. The doctor comes and learns that the child is an orphan. So he calls the Orphan Asylum to drag him back to "where he belongs".

Charlie Chaplin does his cool shuffle walk

Part five
The big finish - a wonderful scene with angels in heaven. The film is revered for the raw genius of the final sequence. Phew - this is out there!

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