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Borrowers, The (1973) - Color - 80 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel proudly presents - The Borrowers starring Eddie Albert, Tammy Brimes, Dame Judith Anderson, and Karen Pearson. Based on Mary Norton's award winning children's story classic - it tells the tale of the diminutive (like itsy bitsy) Clock Family, who are about 2 inches tall and live beneath the floorboards of an old English country estate. They "borrow" stuff from the big humans who live above them and do everything they can to remain undetected. Things get a little crazy when Aunt Sophy's young nephew moves in. As the little Clock's learn - there's few things more dangerous than a curious little boy.

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Borrowers, The
Directed by - Walter C. Miller

(1973) - Color - 80 min
Aunt Sophy played by Dame Judith Anderson is delightful. She likes to take a nip or two from her bottle and befriends the father, Pod Clock played by Eddie Albert. Their logic - no worries, she'll just think she's a little drunk. Meanwhile, Homily Clock played by Tammy Grimes takes care of the housekeeping chores and their little girl Arrietty Clock played by Karen Pearson. Beatrice Straight plays the ornery Mrs. Campfurl amd Barnard Hughes plays her husband.

Part one
Intro, Color, opening credits etc. After an annoying little ditty by Rod McKuen (be patient, it's over soon enough) the story begins as we meet Aunt Sophy - the lady of the house and the ornery Mrs. Campfurl who is her caretaker. We also meet the Clock family who are just a few inches tall.

Eddie Albert as Pod Clock

Beatrice Straight as the nasty Mrs. Campfurl

Part two
Pod Clock, the father likes to forage in the big house when the big human beings are not looking. It will remind you the TV show Land of the Giants. Lots of fun sight gags with everyday objects looking massive next to the itty bitty Clocks.

Karen Pearson as Arrietty Clock

Part three
And Aunt Sophy is just a hoot. Sure - she's an old woman, but she is fresh and quite funny. Meanwhile, Homily Clock, Pod's wife played by Tammy Grimes just stays hidden, but their daughter Arrietty ants to get out and explore like her Dad.

Borrowers, The Message Board

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Borrowers, The
Directed by - Walter C. Miller

Starring - Eddie Albert as Pod Clock, Tammy Grimes as Homily Clock, Karen Pearson as Arrietty Clock, Dame Judith Anderson as Aunt Sophy, Beatrice Straight as Mrs. Campfurl, Barnard Hughes as Mr. Campfurl, Dennis Larson as the boy (Aunt Sophy's nephew), Murray Westgate as Ernie, Dan McIleavey as Tom,

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Eddie Albert and Tammy Grimes as Pod and Homily Clock

Part four
But all is not so quiet. A young boy, Aunt Sophy's nephew comes to live at the house and the peaceful serenity of the English country estate is over. The Clocks consider moving because nothing is more dangerous than a curious young boy.

Barnard Hughes as Mr. Campfurl

Part five
They decide to wait a bit and see if the boy is just visiting or if he will stay. And then - oh no, they are spotted by the boy, and now he will dig and search without ceasing till he finds the little Clock family.

Tammy Grimes as Homily Clock

Part six
Hmmm - it seems he's not such a bad kid after all and he befriends little Arrietty. Then he even helps them get some nifty furnishings from the doll's house.

Part seven
But wait - busted as Mrs. Campfurl gets a glimpse of the little people and thinks they're rodents. So they decide to bring in a ferret to catch and kill the "mice". Major danger and excitement - what happens? Will they get eaten or captured. You will have to watch the exciting conclusion.

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Dennis Larson as Aunt Sophy's nephew

Dame Judith Anderson as Aunt Sophy

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