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Walk in the Sun, A (1945) - B&W - 119 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - A Walk in the Sun starring Dana Andrews, Lloyd Bridges, Sterling Holloway, John Ireland and Richard Conte. This classic World War II film made in 1945 examines the minds of a small group of soldiers as the embark on a mission to blow up a bridge in the Italian country. It begins at sea just before the land on the beach which is pretty well defended by the Nazis. The movie is mostly about what the men are thinking as they are on the mission and the conversations they have. It is about how they keep sane while everything around them in just plain crazy.

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Walk in the Sun, A
Directed by - Lewis Milestone

(1945) - B&W - 119 min
Dana Andrews is the main star of the movie as he is thrust into a leadership position after one guy gets his face blown off and next soldier in the chain of command cracks, and is left behind weeping in the fetal position. Lloyd Bridges plays a farmer turned soldier who fights bravely. Of course he is not underwater like he was when he played Scuba King Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt, the wildly popular late 1950s TV show. (which by the way was the first show ever syndicated). Nobody attacks Lloyd Bridges with a knife and cuts his airhose however he does face a lot of blazing bullets from a Nazi machine gun nest. This is really decent movie - and quite different from most WWII movies of this era.

Part one
Intro, B&W, opening credits etc. Our story begins in a landing craft off the shores of Southern Italy. For some foolish reason, the commander - who is green, has his head up above the rail of the boat. He gets his face blown off and the senior ranking Sgt gets the job as commander. The landing is rough as the beach is packed with bad guys (the Nazis) firing everything they got.

Dana Andrews as Sgt Bill Tyne

Lloyd Bridges as Sgt Ward

Part two
The mission is to go inland about 6 miles to a little farm. Take the house at the farm and blow up the bridge. Sounds easy huh? Well not if you have to crawl a good bit of the way, and you have dodge all kinds of bullets fired from heavy armored vehicles, tanks, or fighter jets. The casulaties start to add up. Among the dead is Winnie the Pooh, or Sterling Holloway who is the voice of Winnie the Pooh. In this pre-Pooh role, he plays a medic named McWilliams.

Richard Conte as Private Rivera

Part three
The guys get even more trouble as the Sgt in command loses his marbles and they have to leave him behind, crying like a little baby. Now it's time for Sgt Ward (played by Dana Andrews) to take command. Sgt Ward, played by Lloyd Bridges is a big help.

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Walk in the Sun, A
Directed by - Lewis Milestone

Starring - Dana Andrews as Sgt. Bill Tyne, Lloyd Bridges as Sgt. Ward, Richard Conte as Private Rivera, John Ireland as Private Windy Craven, George Tyne as Private Friedman, Sterling Holloway as McWilliams, Steve Brodie as Private Judson, Richard Benedict as Private Tranella, Norman Lloyd as Private Archimbeau,

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Lloyd Bridges as Sgt Ward, shown here smoking his pipe

Part four
By this time - there's been enough banter among the group to get to know the characters. The conversations between Rivera and Friedman are especially fun as they work together on the big machine gun.

Sterling Holloway as McWilliams

Part five
Just a few more obstacles in the way. Bazooka, hand grenades and lots of guts are all these guys have against some major armor.

the group takes a rest after some heavy fighting against the Nazis

Part six
Now - the farm is in sight. But it sure is quiet. They decide to send a few hapless soldiers over the wall to charge the house. Bad idea - as the house is crawling with Krauts toting machine guns.

Part seven
Time to come up with another plan. And they do - it isn't the best plan, but it is all they got. Find out if they get the job done or if they die trying.

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