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Blue Women Art (1962) - Color - 2 min

LikeTelevision is prud to present - another funky short. The weird little gem is called Blue Women Art. Long before Intel hired The Blue Man Group - heck, long before Intel even made their first integrated circuit - there was a bizarre Czech painter named Yves Klein. Klein was known for painting expressionist paintings - where naked women all slathered in blue paint, used other naked women also covered in blue paint, as living paint brushes. Meanwhile - a live symphony would play either some music - or ooooooo, how arty - a single monotone. ohmmmmm. Sounds like quite an evening, huh? Check out this short clip which shows one such event. Yes - it was Yves Klein who wrote the monotone symphony in 1949. It concisted of one note. Genius - well maybe not. I went to a site ( that featured an mp3 of 1 minute of the opus solo notus - and it was really annoying.

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Blue Women Art
Directed by - Yves Klein

(1962) - Color - 2 min

Klein's Blue period in action

Oh my gosh - look at them said the flute player to the violinist

a look from the back side of the canvas

Blue Women Art Message Board

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Blue Women Art
Directed by - Yves Klein

Starring - naked ladies all painted in blue, Yves Klein, symphony musicians

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the musicians in the symphony just can't believe their eyes - so their jaws grow slack

Before the Blue Man Group - there was this group of Blue Women

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