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Entertainer, The (1960) - B&W - 97 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents -The Entertainer - starring Sir Laurence Olivier and Albert Finney.

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Entertainer, The
Directed by - Tony Richardson

(1960) - B&W - 97 min

Part one
We meet Archie Rice, a washed-up Burlesque performer and several members of his family. Archie tries to eak out a living but his act isn't cutting the mustard, especially in the age of TV. Check out Laurence Olivier doing his own singing and dancing.

Starring Laurence Olivier as Archie Rice

Albert Finney as Archie's son

Part two
Archie gets to MC a beauty contest and endears himself to one of the contestants - a young 20 year old girl names Tina Lafford. Part 2 ends with Archie finding a new producer - Tina's wealthy father.

Part three
Nick's coming home. Jeanne hears from Phoebe about Archie's failed female impersonator production. Phoebe loses it when Archie's father Billy sneaks a slice of cake (cake rage!).

Entertainer, The Message Board

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Entertainer, The
Directed by - Tony Richardson

Starring - Laurence Olivier, Brenda De Banzie, Albert Finney

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A nice dysfunctional family unit

Part four
Jeanne tells Billy about Archie's plans to marry young Tina and Billy wrecks everything. No girl, and now no production.

Starring Laurence Olivier as Archie Rice

Part five
Archie decides to bring his father Billy out of retirement - Billy can still draw a crowd. The plan backfires when the "old man" exits stage right for keeps. "Why should I care?"

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