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Drinking and Eating PSA (1962) - Color - 1 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents a bizarre old PSA (public service announcement) which alerts us that eating a lot of food has no effect on how the body absorbs alcohol. Duh? You mean if I eat a loaf of sponge bread it won't sop up all that wine? Why who knew! The guy in the commercial has some trouble driving and ends up getting his Volkwagon Beetle pinched between two trucks.

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Drinking and Eating PSA
Directed by - Paolo Cavara

(1962) - Color - 1 min

The drunk man thinks eating a lot will make him more sober - WRONG

a really nice looking cut of roast beef

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Drinking and Eating PSA
Directed by - Paolo Cavara

Starring - A juicy slab of roast beef, a bottle of red wine

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Maybe I should have eaten even more food

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