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Good for the Goose (1962) - Color - 1 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Good for the Goose, a short video clip of some women from Strausberg who are using a grinder to force feed some geese. Why you ask - well to make better Pate de Fois Gras of course. For those who are, shall we tres gauche - pate de fois gras is Goose liver pate, which sounds pretty gross, but is actually quite delicious. Anyway - I am sure the folks from P.E.T.A. (people for the ethical treatment of animals) are outraged by my lack of outrage, but i love pate de fois gras.... and escargot too. I think the snails are treated more ethically than say, live Maine lobsters - but I digress.

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Good for the Goose
Directed by - Paolo Cavara

(1962) - Color - 1 min

One of the farm ladies from Strausberg breaks out her handy grinder

I wonder if a grinder is another name for a submarine sandwich in goose talk?

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Good for the Goose
Directed by - Paolo Cavara

Starring - Some farm ladies feeding the geese, some hungry geese or let's hope they are hungry

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here you go little goosey, i bet your hungry, ya?

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