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Australian Girls give CPR (1962) - Color - 1 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents another bizarre short video clip. This one features a group of lovely Australian lifeguards in 1960s skimpy bathing suits performing mass CPR on an eager group of young men (ooops - I thought they were Swedish... but they are Australian). For whatever reason - this looks like some kind of funky kissing contest. The best moment however is when one of the Australian lifeguards blows her breath in, then looks aside and listens for breathing. The angle of the shot makes it appear that she is staring at young man's speedo. HA!

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Australian Girls give CPR
Directed by - Paolo Cavara

(1962) - Color - 1 min

A CPR proving ground in Sweden

Helga tests her breath - Ja, smells good

Jan, is that a sea cucumber in your speedo?

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Australian Girls give CPR
Directed by - Paolo Cavara

Starring - Beautiful Swedish lifeguards in swimsuits, a bunch of young males volunteering for CPR exercises

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I love her little bathing cap

ready to perform CPR, a future star of Abba wonders why she chose lifeguarding

sealed with a kiss

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