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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) - B&W - 65 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents the earliest film adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's literary classic, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This 1920 silent film stars the legendary John Barrymore (Drew Barrymore's grandfather) in the duel role of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Simply put - his performance is amazing. Martha Mansfield stars as the innocent Millicent Carew, the lovely daughter of Sir George Carew, played by Brandon Hurst. You can also watch Hurst in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Directed by - John S. Robertson

(1920) - B&W - 65 min
Unlike many other movie versions of this classic tale about man's duel nature and his inclinations toward both good and evil, this film does not go overboard in making Dr. Jekyll a complete physically horrible monster. Yes, he becomes very ugly and he is upsetting to look at, however his disfigurement appears more a result of bad choices in life, rather than a product of the potion he drinks to go in and out of his other self. The film has many wonderful quirky moments and i especially loved the scene with the juggler followed by the text plate about marriage. Finally - major kudos to Frank Random who went bananas working to restore this film. Basically it took about 1 hour to restore a single minute of finished product. The final LikeTelevision product is great, thanks to all those hours of hard work. Thanks Frank.

Part one
Intro, B&W, opening credits etc. Our story begins in the lab of Dr. Jekyll, who is exploring some wiggling lifeform under his microscope. The question of man's duel nature - his propensity for both good and evil is discussed with his friend Dr. Lanyon. Later at the house of Sir George Carew, some English gentlemen sit around a table discussing their friend, Dr. Jekyll. Clearly no one can be that good. Dr. Jekyll runs a free clinic for the poorest people in London, and it seems never even has a moment of an ugly thought. That is... until Sir George asks him to consider his dark side, and what he is missing.

Mr. Hyde - sneaking through the alley with Sally

Charles Lane as Dr. Jekyll's conservative doctor friend Richard Lanyon

Part two
Even more bizarre - Sir George's daughter Millicent has a major crush on Dr. Jekyll. Yet Sir George persists in his endevour to show Dr. Jekyll his darker side and takes him and the boys to a seedy nightclub where Miss Gina is dancing up a storm. Dr. Jekyll now experiments with the drug that will let his darker side have free reign over his soul.

John Barrymore transforms into Mr. Hyde. As you can see - most of the change is from facial expressions - there's not that much special effects or make-up - just great acting.

Part three
Oh no - will the antidote of the drug work and allow Mr. Hyse to transform back into Dr. Jekyll? It appears the answer is yes - but Mr. Hyde will be back. And Mr. Hyde needs a place to live - so he searches the less swank neighborhoods for a dive to flop in and a place where he might pursue the looser women of London, like Miss Gina.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Directed by - John S. Robertson

Starring - John Barrymore as Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Martha Mansfield as Millicent Carew, Brandon Hurst as Sir George Carew, George Stevens as Dr. Jekyll's butler Poole, Charles Lane as Dr. Richard Lanyon, J. Malcom Dunn as John Utterson, Nita Naldi as Miss Gina the nightclub dancer, Cecil Clovelly as Edward Ensfield, Louis Wolheim as the music hall proprietor

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Martha Mansfield as Millicent Carew

Part four
Dr. Jekyll gets back in control and is ashamed at the taudry behavior of his evil self, Mr. Hyde. He does his best to kill of Mr. Hyde once and for all and get back to his work at the clinic. Mr. Hyde has other ideas and fight for his soul in on.

J. Malcolm Dunn as John Utterson

Part five
In a wild confrontation with Sir George, Dr. Jekyll tells his George - it was you who made me ashamed of my goodness, and got me interested in my evil nature. He transforms into Mr. Hyde as he tells him this and does him in. Dr. Jekyll still looks for a way out - as Mr. Hyde is blamed for the murder.

Dr. Jekyll - the saint who runs a free clinic for the poor of London

Part six
Dr. Jekyll is caught off guard as Nature plots her revenge. He cannot find the drugs he needs to stay in character as Dr. Jekyll. In a cool scene - a hairy spider creeps into bed with Dr. Jekyll who is sound asleep. And when he wakes - it is Mr. Hyde. The fight for the soul is raging - and his friends want to help. They call Millicent to come and visit. WHo will she meet - Dr. Jekyll or Mr Hyde. Check out the thrilling conclusion.

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A great scene - where the evil spirit of Mr. Hyde is represented by this giant hairy spider, who creeps up into Dr. Jekyll's bed and takes over his body.

Brandon Hurst as Sir George Carew. Check him out in Hunchback of Notre Dame too.

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Nita Naldi as Gina the nightclub dancer and chanteuse

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