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Klansman, The (1974) - Color - 111 min

LikeTelevision™ presents - a 1974 film directed by Terrence Young called The Klansman starring Lee Marvin, Richard Burton, Linda Evans, O.J. Simpson, Lola Falana, Cameron Mitchell and David Huddleston. It tells the story of a small southern town where the KKK is not only active, they downright control the place, even the sheriff. Things heat up when a group of civil rights activists show up and raise the temperature. Contains some foul language (the N word) and adult situations. Director Terence Young was a star for his work on all the early James Bond films - Dr. No, From Russia with Love, and Thunderball.

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Klansman, The
Directed by - Terrence Young

(1974) - Color - 111 min
Some of this movie is just ridiculous - and very entertaining. When Richard Burton pulls out his dreaded karate chops (he's a judo expert you see - HA!) it is just too funny. And what a creepy feeling - watching O.J. Simpson, holding a gun to a Richard Burton's head while driving in a Ford Brono.

Part one
Intro, color, opening credits. Kicks off with some steamy swamp guitar twangs. Sheriff comes in to break up some whacko troublemakers. Linda Evans as Nancy Poteat decides to stay in her broken down car while her husband gets help. She gets raped - by a black man. The town is upset - at Nancy too, because she did not have enough bruises or scars.

Richard Burton stars as Breck Stancill

Lee Marvin stars as Sheriff Track Bascomb

Part two
The KKK good ol boys come looking for revenge. Sheriff arrests Willy Washington and saves his life. Loretta Sykes comes back to home after making good in the city. Closes out with O.J. Simpson dressed in a KKK outfit - tricks a real Klansman to come outside - where O.J. guns him down in cold blood.

David Huddleston as the Mayor, owner of the local lumberyard, and Imperial Wizard of the KKK.

Part three
Nancy Poteat (Linda Evans) decides she wants to go to church, where she is kicked out by the preacher and congregation. Sheriff tries to convince Breck to take Nancy in where it is quiet. Meanwhile - we meet the mayor, Hardy Riddle who runs things for the town, and the Klan.

Klansman, The Message Board

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Klansman, The
Directed by - Terrence Young

Starring - Richard Burton as Breck Stancill, Lee Marvin as Sheriff Track Bascomb, Linda Evans as Nancy Poteat, O.J. Simpson as Garth, Lola Falana as Loretta Sykes, David Huddleston as Mayor Hardy Riddle, Ed Call as Shaneyfelt, Luciana Paluzzi as Trixie, Cameron Mitchell as Butt Cutt Cates,

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Linda Evans as Nancy Poteat

Part four
Stancill and Track have a heart to heart talk - about the Klan where Track tries to justify his membership in the Klan. Meanwhile, deputy Butt Cutt is off looking for trouble and takes Loretta hostage. He goes off to the lumberyard with a few of his Klan buddies and rapes Loretta. She goes to the hospital, only after she agrees to say that a black man did this to her.

O.J. Simpson as Garth, the revolutionary

Part five
Features the scene with O.J. riding in the Bronco, and ends with the hilarious mondo karate judo scene with Richard Chop Shop Burton. HA!

Lola Falana as Loretta Sykes

Part six
Woo Woo - the big finale. Lee Marvin joins Breck Stancill to make a final stand against the Klansmen of Alabama. Yikes - Sheriff Track pulls out an automatic machine gun. Will O.J. ride off in the sunset or a mountain of fire?

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Camercon Mitchell as Butt Cutt Cates

Luciana Paluzzi as Trixie

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