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Un Chien Andalou (1929) - B&W - 17 min

Un Chien Andalou, or An Andalusian Dog a creepy and weird avant garde masterpiece written by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel. Created in 1929, the 17 minute film was the first directed by Luis Bunuel, and features several scenes that are legendary. Who could forget the eyeball getting sliced open with a straight razor, or the ants crawling out of the hand, or the man hauling two priests (Dali and Bunuel no less) attached to two huge grand pianos, each with a bloody dead donkey inside. Nope - one doesn't forget these images easily.

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Un Chien Andalou
Directed by - Luis Bunuel

(1929) - B&W - 17 min
Un Chien Andalou (the US transalation means Andalusian Dog - Andalusia is a Spanish province and also known as a breed of horse) is one of the most important films in the history of the craft. While the story is all Seinfeld, because - it is about nothing, in the weirdest of ways, the moving images still ache to say something and tell some kind of tale, no matter how hard one tries to accept Dali and Bunuel at their word who assured audiences, it is about nothing at all. The film was very controversial - and their next work together, called L'Age D'Or (The age of Gold) was even more over the top, as the film was banned, fascists threw ink at the screen when it was shown in theaters, and Bunuel was excommunicated from the Catholic Church it caused such a stir as it questioned blind obedience to the church).

Intro, B&W - this is on bizarre and disturbing short film - let's get right to it, and slice an eyeball open. And why not have ants crawling out of a hand (perhaps inspiration for David Lynch in Blue Velvet), and what's up with those deads donkeys in the pianos? Don't try to put everything together as a story - just take it in and try not to have nightmares about this movie for decades to come.

who is that wild eyed priest - Salvador Dali, the priest on the left is Luis Bunuel

the man has that evil look about him

getting a trim with a razor, she asks for just a little off the top

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Un Chien Andalou
Directed by - Luis Bunuel

Starring - Pierre Batcheff as the man, Simone Mareuil as the woman, Salvador Dali as one priest, Luis Bunuel as the other priest Ants as themselves, dead donkeys as themselves

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Ants crawling out of the hand is better than lice in the bush

yes, just like Silence of the Lambs - the moth goes in the mouth

the man rides a bike in a funky little nurse outfit

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