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Blue Angel, The (1930) - B&W - 108 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Blue Angel starring Marlene Dietrich as Lola Lola and Emil Jannings as the college professor Immanuel Rath. Directed by Josef von Sternberg, this 1930 was originally called Professor Unrat, then Der Blaue Engel (German for the Blue Angel) and later released in the USA. This was the breakout film for Marlene Dietrich - her next film was a Hollywood classic, directed again by Von Sternberg called Morocco starring Gary Cooper and Adolphe Menjou.

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Blue Angel, The
Directed by - Josef von Sternberg

(1930) - B&W - 108 min
The film tells the story of respected college professor Immanuel Rath who becomes smitten with bawdy burlesque singer Lola Lola. He gives up his career and marries Lola Lola and his life goes downhill in a slow but brutally sure fashion. His demise is often hard to watch, like a train wreck in slow motion. The final scene where he returns to the Blue Angel nightclub in his college hometown is just painful. A great movie, especially if you are a fan of the great Marlene Dietrich.

Part one
Intro, B&W - I really enjoyed this film and was riveted by the tragic tale of Professor Immanuel Rath who falls in love with bad girl Lola Lola, played perfectly by Marlene Dietrich. Some of the professors students are frequentig the seedy club called the Blue Angel to see the beautiful singer, Lola Lola.

Marlene Dietrich as cabaret singer Lola Lola

postcards of Marlene Dietrich (Lola Lola)

Part two
The professor will have none of it - and goes to the nightclub to make sure they no longer admit the pupils. When the professor comes - they hide as he speaks to Lola Lola. Then one of the kids stuffs one of Lola's panties in the professor's pocket.

The professor is smitten with Lola Lola played by Marlene Dietrich

Part three
Well - the professor isn't a thief, so he feels compelled to return the purloined pantaloons. One thing leads to another - and before you know it, the professor is proposing to Lola Lola, who laughs in his face before saying yes.

Blue Angel, The Message Board

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Blue Angel, The
Directed by - Josef von Sternberg

Starring - Marlene Dietrich as Lola Lola, Emil Jannings as Immanuel Rath, Kurt Gerron as Kiepert the magician, Reinhold Bernt as the clown, Rosa Valetti as Guste , Kiepert's wife, Hans Albers as the strongman, Hans Roth as the caretaker of the college, Rolf Muller as Angst, Roland Varno as Lohmann,

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Emil Jannings as esteemed professor Immanuel Rath

Part four
The professor vows never to sell any of the risque postcards of Lola Lola - but after a while, all the money is gone and he has a new job, selling postcards of his wife Lola Lola.

Marlene Dietrich and Emil Jannings smile for the camera on their wedding day

Part five
The professor sinks lower and lower. Just when it looks like the bottom is in sight - the group decides to return to the Blue Angel, Professor's hometown. Well - everyone wants to see the professor - to mock him and laugh in his face. He wants out.. but will they let him?

Lola Lola (Marlene Dietrich) with her new beau the strongman

Part six
To make matters worse - Lola Lola now has a new boyfriend, the strongman who was playing the Blue Angel before Lola and crew came to town. It is now time for the final number - with the magician and his clown, Professor Immanuel Rath. Watch the gripping conclusion of this landmark German Foreign film.

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The professor has been reduced to a pathetic clown when he returns home

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