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Flowers and Tarts (1950) - Color - 7 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents a classic Little Audrey cartoon - Flowers and Tarts. Little Audrey is listening to a cooking show on the radio and makes a gingerbread man. When it's ready - it pops out of the oven and heads off to Cake Land (which looks a lot like Candy Land... only with more dough. Why - well the gingerbread man is going to marry Miss Angel Cake. Oh... until the devil's food cake hijacks the young lass and ruins the gay ceremony. Wow... dancing cake slices, forks, French pastry rockettes, a tipsy rum cake -there's lots of craziness. Audrey grabs a beater and whips up the Old Milk Stream to save the day. Some cupcake coppers throw him in the Pie Wagon and the marriage is back on again.

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Flowers and Tarts
Directed by - Bill Tytla

(1950) - Color - 7 min

Little Audrey meets the Gingerbread Man she just baked

Oh - how beautiful, it must be Cakeland

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Flowers and Tarts
Directed by - Bill Tytla

Starring - Little Audrey as herself, Gingerbread Man, Miss Angel Cake, Devil Food Cake, a bunch of assorted tarts and cupcakes

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Little Audrey gets all her ingredients together as she listens to the cooking show

The wedding is interupted by the evil devil - a Devil's Food Cake that is

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