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Carnival of Souls (1962) - B&W - 79 min.

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents a Sci-Fi Horror classic - Carnival of Souls starring Candace Hilligoss as Mary Henry, a woman who is the only survivor in a car with three girls who decided to drag race when challenged. The 1962 film was directed by Herk Harvey and remains one of the greatest low budget movies ever made. It is scary, not because of a lot of blood and guts or anything gross - but the whole ethereal feel of the film is just plain creepy. Who the heck is the phantom guy, and why does he keep popping in to scare Mary? The ending is just excellent - sorry, no spoilers here..

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Carnival of Souls
Directed by - Herk Harvey

(1962) - B&W - 79 min.
When Mary Henry survives the tragic car wreck, She decides to leave town and start fresh. She joins a church as the organist and does everything she can to make her life normal again - but that just is not the way it was meant to be for poor Mary. She is drawn to an old closed down carnival - and who knows, maybe she'll find the answer there, at the Carnival of Souls.

Part one
Intro, B&W - I really enjoyed this film and was drwn into the creepy world of poor Mary Henry. The opening scene sets the stage as a guy with a great hat challenges a car filled with three girls to a drag race. In no time, the girls are trying to cross a narrow bridge and end up in the drink. Mary Henry is the only survivor - aher two girlfriends are dead. She wonders, why me.

the drag race ends badly on the bridge - SPLASH

The beautiful Candace Hilligoss as Mary Harvey

Part two
Mary tries to start fresh and leaves town to begin a new life. She moves in to a quiet place with a sweet old landlady. But in no time - it isn't so quiet anymore as she gets a strange vistor.

Sidney Berger as John Linden

Part three
Mary gets a job as the organist at a church. The man who she thought was strange doesn't seem so bad anymore. Her shrink Dr. Samuels tries to help her rebuild her broken dreams - and the creepy man keeps popping up out of nowhere. The carnival keeps calling her name - Mary, Mary.

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Carnival of Souls
Directed by - Herk Harvey

Starring - Candace Hilligoss as Mary Henry, Stan Levitt as Dr. Samuels the shrink, Frances Feist as Mrs. Thomas the landlady, Art Ellison as the Minister, Sidney Berger as John Linden, Tom McGinnis as the boss at the Organ factory, Bill De Jarnett as the car mechanic Larry Sneegas as the drag racer, Herk Harvey as the man,

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Frances Feist as Mrs. Thomas the landlady

Part four
Well - you don't play that kind of music at the church and expect to keep your job - so the angry minister just fires Mary on the spot. The tension just keeps building - who is that phantom man... why? what goes on here?

Mary has a bad day at the abandoned carnival

Part five
Finally - the plot all seems to come together as the tension just boils over to a fever pitch. What will become of Mary - and this phantom? Oh my - the big ending... what the gripping conclusion and see for yourself.

the scary phantom who keeps popping in - BOO

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Mary tells everything to her shrink Dr. Samuels played by Stan Levitt

a little organ music anyone? - say a fugue from J.S. Bach? Nothing too R&B please - or you will get fired!

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