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Classic TV Commercials - Coke (1973) - Color - 1 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents this classic coke commercial featuring some school kids as they take a tour of Washington, D.C. - The Washington Monument, the constitution - w/ We the People preamble highlighted, and a special emphasis on the Lincoln Memorial - probably because it just a few years ago that the Civil Rights Era began. I think this was created in the mid to early 1970s, which is part of The Real Thing era. You also get a pretty corny song.

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Classic TV Commercials - Coke
Directed by -

(1973) - Color - 1 min

Coke in the field

the teacher talks about history while the girl in the background seems to pine for the teacher - HA!

back in the days of big hair

Classic TV Commercials - Coke Message Board

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Classic TV Commercials - Coke
Directed by -

Starring - A group of sincere looking high school kids touring Washington DC

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the history class checks out some sites at Washington DC

We the People - all enjoy Coke

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