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Wild Ride, The (1960) - B&W - 60 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - The Wild Ride starring Jack Nicholson as the tough street punk, Johnny Varron. Wow - what a treat, Jack Nicholson in his second movie, circa 1960 (his debut was the Cry Baby Killer in 1958) as the alpha male in a gang of tough kids who are into racing cars. Johnny is their leader and hero who makes all the decisions for the group. For instance - Dave (Robert Bean) has a new girlfriend, and she is lame (like from the good side of the tracks) so Johnny tells Dave to lose the chick (Nancy, played by Georgiana Carter). Dave doesn't want to give up his girlfriend, so Johnny decides to move in. Of course all this ends in trouble with a capital T, as Johnny ends up killing a motorcycle cop and an extended stay at the jailhouse.

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Wild Ride, The
Directed by -

(1960) - B&W - 60 min
The film is filled with all kinds of vintage street slang from way back in the day. The movie is the middle of the hot rod racing greaser era.... these kids aren't Beatniks... (who are into jazz and like to hang out listening to poetry at the 60s era Starbuck prototype coffee houses. For Beatniks - See Bucket of Blood or Beat Girl). Nope - these kids like to play chicken with oncoming cars and run motorcycle cops off the road for kicks. Jack Nicholson is the gang leader who is also a rookie race car driver, way before the days of NASCAR... like no rules whatsoever. Check out the great final scenes - with Jack Nicholson behind the wheel of the race car. Cool, baby. We call this film Jack in 4 Easy Pieces.... because the download has 4 parts. Of course - this is not to be confused with the film Nicholson made 10 years later in 1970 called Five Easy Pieces.... just a play on words. Enjoy the show!

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc. In the opening scene, Jack runs a motorcycle cop off the road, who slams into a tree. The cops suspect Johnny but have no evidence. Best line - Jack tells the cop - Sarg, you're a very far out stud.

starring Jack Nicholson as Johnny Varron

Jack Nicholson as race car driver Johnny Varron

Part two
Dave ends up in a game of chicken with a truck... and loses his cool by running off the road. Or as the gang says - Dave went shallow. And they blame his new girlfriend Nancy who was riding with him. Johnny tells Dave to lose the chick, he'll get him another by the end of the day. Contains some teenage drinking as the gang hangs out and pops open a few old scholl steel beer cans. (the ones with the pull off top.. that Jimmy Buffet like to step on. (a la Margaritaville - stepped on a pop top)

this guy wants to be the new alpha male and call Dave to tell him Johnny is going after Nancy.

Part three
Some really cool scenes of old cars - plus a terrific race with the old open top Indy type cars. Johnny does everything he can to win - like running the guy on his tail off the track.

Wild Ride, The Message Board

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Wild Ride, The
Directed by -

Starring - Jack Nicholson as Johnny Varron, Robert Bean as Dave, Georgianna Carter as Nancy - Dave's lame girlfriend, Carol Bigby as a one of the girls in the gang, Gary Espinoza, John Bologni, Judith Tresize, Sydene Wallace, John Holden,

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Dave and his lame chick, Nancy

Part four
Johnny has an older girlfriend give him a solid slap on the face at the club. The gang gets kicked out - and they decide to split cause it is a nowhere scene. Later - Johnny takes Dave's girlfriend out on a wild ride. Best line - the older married woman tells Johnny - You're not a man, you're an arrogant little child. Jack tells her - Honey, you're a bad loser. Check out the big ending as justice is served.

some of the fine vintage automobiles in thsi film

How about that cool radiator

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the cop tells Johnny - he's seen his record. Johnny says - I made a record. typical insulent teenage jive man

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