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Hot Rod Girl (1958) - B&W -

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Hot Rod Girl, a classic drag racing movie from the days of Old School. Starring Chuck Connors, best known for his role as Lucas McCain in The Rifleman, and Frank Gorsham, best known as the diabolical Riddler on the Batman TV show. Lori Nelson plays Lisa Vernon, the Hot Rod Girl, a young teenager who loves fast cars and the boys who drive them. The movie features some terrific shots of drag racing, muscle cars, and old school horsepower from the racetrack in California. You'll love the Hot Rod Girl's killer 1955 Ford T-Bird. Leo Gordon is credited with the screenplay.

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Hot Rod Girl
Directed by - Bernard Kowalski

(1958) - B&W -
Chuck Connors plays a local cop who does his best to keep the kids from racing cars in the streets by providing them a spot to duel at the local track. All is well untill a new kid comes to town who thinks he's the bomb. He goads a young man who has reformed to try his hand again with tragic results, a an innocent man gets killed during the drag race.

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc. The film opens at the San Fernando Drag Strip in California - featuring some killer muscle cars racing against each other and the clock. We meet Lisa Vernon, a.k.a. the Hot Rod Girl who does a great job in her stock 1955 T-Bird. We also meet the Northrup Brothers, Jeff the wise older brother and Steve his hot headed younger brother. On the way home from the track, young Steve finds some trouble.

starring Chuck Connors as Detective Ben Merrill

Frank Gorsham stars as Flat Top

Part two
Chuck Connors as Police Detective Ben Merrill got a state sponsored race track for the kids to help keep street racing incidents to a minimum. Nice... and what a load of fun, but it seems some of the kids still want to street race, which leads to some car accidents of course. Bye Bye Steve - R.I.P. Check out the cool ambulence with the suicide doors and the old cherry top police cars.

Lori Nelson as Lisa Vernon, the Hot Rod Girl

Part three
Jeff and Lisa have a bit of a spat at the garage while Jeff is working on some cars. Then Hot Rod girl joins the gang at Yo-Yo soda shop for some laughs. Then the new guy, Bronc Talbot played by Mark Andrews, arrives, looking for trouble and then he starts hitting on Lisa.

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Hot Rod Girl
Directed by - Bernard Kowalski

Starring - Lori Nelson as Lisa Vernon, the Hot Rod Girl, Chuck Connors as Detective Ben Merrill, Mark Andrews as Bronc Talbot, John Smith as Jeff Northrup, Frank Gorsham as Flat Top, Roxanne Arlen as L.P., Fred Essler as Yo-Yo, Eddie Ryder as Two Tanks, Del Erickson as Steve Northrup,

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Mark Andrews as Bronc Talbot, the new kid looking for trouble

Part four
More trouble at Yo-Yo's sock hop - as Bronc tries to goad one of the guys to a game of chicken. Flat Top, played by Frank Gorsham deicdes he's ready to risk his life, as the two street rods drive full baslt toard each other. Who is gonna get chicken first?

Two Tanks, played by Eddie Ryder with his ding bat girlfriend L.P. played by Roxanne Arlen

Part five
Ben Merrill comes to Yo-Yo's place and gives the kids his best Joe Friday type lecture. Classic 1950's era talking to. Meanwhile, Bronc taunts Ben but Ben doesn't want to play the game. Jeff invites Lisa over to his place for a little romance and more good times at the drag strip.

Fred Essler as Yo-Yo

Part six
Jeff gets suckered into a race after Bronc's taunts finaly get to him. During the race an innocent bystander gets killed - but who is at fault? Watch the gripping conclusion of Hot Rod Girl to find out.

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