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Day of Wrath (1943) - B&W -

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Vredens Dag, or Day of Wrath (1943), Carl Theodor Dreyer's pychodrama about witches, priests and passion set in 1600s. Lisbeth Movin plays Anne - a young woman in her twenties who got married to the priest in the village, Reverend Absalom - who is about 55 or 60. An amazing film about witches, burning at the stake, forced confessions, wild passion, and bad decisions. The cinematography is pure genius. Danish language film with English subtitles. We liked this movie

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Day of Wrath
Directed by - Carl Theodor Dreyer

(1943) - B&W -
Director Carl Dreyer is one of the finest - imagine a mix between John Ford and Akira Kursawa. He is best known for his film La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc (1928) a.k.a. The Passion of Joan of Arc. Day of Wrath offers a much more complex and darker view of the human condidtion. A very interesting foreign film. A+

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc. Bells are ringing, and the church elders are off to catch themselves a witch. The target this time is an old lady named Herlofs Marte. Long ago, she helped Anne's mother - when she was accused as a witch. Looking for mercy from Rev. Absalom, Anne's husband she begs him for her life. No dice.

Lisbeth Movin as Anne, a very naughty girl

Anna Svierkier as Herlofs Marte, the accused witch

Part two
Herlofs is in deep trouble now, it's time for confession, which back then meant coercion by any means, with extreme prejudice.

Absalom and his mean mother Meret, the ferret

Part three
Time for Herlofs Marte pay for her crimes for being a witch. So - the coir boys learn a nice song in the background - as they watch Herlofs get tied to a ladder, and dropped into a fiery bonfire face down. Afterward, Anne learns the truth about her mother, that she was a witch and could will men dead just by wishing it.

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Day of Wrath
Directed by - Carl Theodor Dreyer

Starring - Lisbeth Movin as Anne, Thorkild Roose as Rev. Absalom, Preben Lerdoff Rye as Martin, Sigrid Neiiendam as Meret the mean mother-in-law, Albert Hoeberg as the Bishop, Anna Svierkier as Herlofs Marte, Olaf Ussing as Laurentius

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Thorkild Roose as Rev. Absalom

Part four
The story takes a bizarre twist as Anne falls in love with Absalom's son, Martin. Soon, in perfect 1943 style - it appears they are lovers as well. Very tormented and wildly passionate - which is not a healthy combination.

just one big happy family.... ummm, i think not

Part five
Absalom has to visit a dying parishoner. He goes and a big storm takes over as he is delivering the last rights. Getting home will be difficult and dangerous because of the bog. So Anne gets an idea, maybe she can will people dead like her mom and she wishes Absalom dead.

Youth and passion get the best of Anne and Martin. And they fall in love. The problem - Anne is married to Martin's father, the priest. Yikes!

Part six
Anne takes being nasty to new unheard of levels. Watch the dramatic conclusion of Day of Wrath and see what happens to Absalom, Martin and Anne.

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