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Fast and the Furious, The (1954) - B&W - 74 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - the 1954 classic, The Fast and The Furious starring John Ireland and Dorothy Malone. This was the original film that started the series of movies with similar titles, most recently a decent Rob Cohen remake in 2001 starring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel and another offspring car happy film from the legendary John Singleton called 2 Fast 2 Furious, which also stars Paul Walker. But if the vintage and old school is your passion, nothing beats the original from the mid fifties. While the Jaguar XKE is nothing short of awesome, my favorite ride in this movie has got to the 1952 Allard J2X. Oh my... what a car and it even looks faster with the beautiful Dorothy Malone behind the wheel.

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Fast and the Furious, The
Directed by - John Ireland, Edward Simpson

(1954) - B&W - 74 min
John Ireland plays an escaped con named Frank Webster who has been charged with murder - for killing a truck driver in a small town, where he is afraid he won't get a fair trial. Consequently, he decides to make a run for it and escapes from jail. He runs into trouble at a dingy diner and takes Connie Adair (Dorothy Malone) hostage. The two run off in Connie's killer Jaguar XKE and hide out at the racetrack that is the starting line of a LeManns style road race to Mexico. Cool cars featured include and Allard J2X, lots of Jags, A bunch of Triumph TR2s, Cunningham C4R, Jupiters, a Mercedes 300SL, Studebakers, Porches and the cops drive Nashes. An amazing vintage automobile video record of days gone by

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc It's 1954 and everything seems pretty quiet at Wilma's backwoods diner. But Frank Webster shows up and everyone is looking for this escaped man. It doesn't matter that he's innocent - Frank ran away before his trial. He kidnaps the gorgeous Dorothy Malone and they drive off in her XKE. Try not to cry - when Frank fills up the tanks and pays $4.

Dorothy Malone as Connie Adair. John Ireland plays Frank Webster, an innocent man running from the law

Dorothy Malone looking terrific in the Allard. What a hot car!

Part two
Frank and Connie try to blend in the the California racetrack which is hosting the road race to Mexico. Frank figures he can blend in with this sporty Jaguar XKE and act like he's a race car driver. But he has to qualify to get in - so it's off to the races. Amazing cars everywhere you look.

Always a big fan of the Mercedes 300 SL

Part three
In the classic diagnosis of Stockholm Syndrome (the hostage becomes endeared to her captor) - Connie begins to fall in love with Frank. But she also is looking for every opportunity to escape. Lots of terrific ambiguity and more vintage cars than Jay Leno's garage.

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Fast and the Furious, The
Directed by - John Ireland, Edward Simpson

Starring - John Ireland as Frank Webster, a.k.a Bill Myers, Dorothy Malone as Connie Adair, Bruce Carlisle as Faber, Lou Place as Detective Faraday, Bruno VeSota as Bob Nielson the truck driver, Iris Adrian as Wilma Belding the waitress at the diner, Larry Thor as the detective sergeant, Marshall Bradford as the race marshall, Dick Piner as Officer Samuels,

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Vintage Jaguar XKE

Part four
Some people are getting suspicious and Frank has a bunch of close calls with the police. The seem to be everywhere - roadblocks, Nash patrol cars and a few Harley Davidson cop cruisers. Things get mighty tense in part four leaving you aching for more.

a beautiful color picture of the classic AllardJ2X

Part five
Connie and Frank have fallen for each other and fallen hard. But Connie wants Frank to turn himself in and face his trial. He's innocent. Frank has other ideas and just wants to clear out of dodge, I mean California. Some very good scenes relating to the romantic psyches of Frank and Connie

Yes - I want this car too. I think it is a Cunningham C4R

Part six
Time for the big race to Mexico. Will Frank make it or will Connie turn him in? Maybe the cops will get him? You'll have to watch the big finish to find out. A great movie - as classic as the cars that star in this remarkable display of vintage car eye candy.

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nice styling on this vintage Jupiter speedster

after a long day of getting chased by the cops, Connie and Frank find time to kiss

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The trio of Connie, Faber and Bill Myers, a.k.a. Frank Webster, who is an innocent man wanted for murder

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