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Kansas City Confidential (1952) - B&W - 100 minutes

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Kansas City Confidential, one of the greatest crime dramas ever made. The film stars Lee Van Cleef, Neville Brand, and Jack Elam as the sleezy crooks with Preston Foster as a Tim Foster, a cop who tries to pull off the perfect crime. John Payne plays the hero - an innocent guy accused of pulling the bank heist who tries to solve the case and clear his name. There are so many twists and turns in this movie - it will leave you glued to the edge of your seat. The film also stars Coleen Gray as Helen Foster, Tim Foster's daughter.

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Kansas City Confidential
Directed by - Phil Karlson

(1952) - B&W - 100 minutes
We decided to keep the film summary very brief because we didn't want to include any spoilers that would lessen the impact of this great film. Just watch it - and let all the madness unfold as Director Phil Karlson intended. While most of you have never heard of Phil Karlson - he directed over 50 movies including such classics as The Untouchables, The Scarface Mob with Robert Stack as Eliot Ness, Kid Galahad with Elvis Presley, Walking Tall with Joe Don Baker as Buford Pusser, and Ben (the movie with Willard the Rat - remember) which featured the song Ben sung by Michael Jackson.

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc. This is the story of a perfect crime. You won't hear about it in the police files, because Mr. Big never got caught. It's the perfect crime because no one but Mr. Big knows who the names or faces or the criminals who pulled the job. Mr Big hires each one, wearing a mask. And whenever they get together - everyone involved wears a mask, so no one can rat each other out. The job is a bank heist where the crooks get away with one and a quarter million dollars worth of cash. Peanuts by today's standards, but back in 1952 - this was some serious dough.

with Lee Van Cleef as Tony Romano, no relation to Ray Romano

Neville Brand as Boyd Kane

Part two
The bad guys are some of Hollywoods classic thugs and sleaze balls. Lee Van Cleef as Tony Romano. Jack Elam as Peter Harris, and Neville Brand as Boyd Kane. Mr. Big is played by Preston Foster, a retired cop who left the force with a dirty record. Now he's trying to come clean by setting these bad guys up for the fall - while he plans to get the reward for their capture.

Jack Elam as Peter Harris

Part three

Kansas City Confidential Message Board

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Kansas City Confidential
Directed by - Phil Karlson

Starring - John Payne as Joe Rolfe, Preston Foster as Tim Foster the cop, Lee Van Cleef as Tony Romano, Neville Brand as Boyd Kane, Jack Elam as Peter Harris, Coleen Gray as Helen Foster, Mario Siletti as Tomaso, Dona Drake as Teresa, Don Orlando as Diaz, the Tijuana cab driver

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Preston Foster stars as Mr. Big, a.k.a. Tim Foster the retired cop

Part four
The problem is - an innocent guy named Joe Rolfe, played by John Payne initially gets stuck being the fall guy. Though he's an ex-con - he is a good guy and plans to clear his name by finding out who did the crime. He gets a tip and heads down to Mexico to learn more.

John Payne as Joe Rolfe

Part five
The plot thickens - as Joe Rolfe finds one of the thugs, who then gets killed by the cops in Mexico. Joe assumes his identity and goes to the hotel in Mexico to pick up the loot and find out who is Mr. Big. Along the way - he falls for a beautiful girl named Helen Gray. She's a lawyer who happens to be Mr. Big's daughter.

Jack Elam get slapped around by Mr. Big

Part six
The conclusion to this movie is awesome. How is everything going to turn out? Will Joe get busted for assuming the identity of one of the thugs, will he lose his lover, Mr. Big's daughter, and will Mr. Big get caught. Sorry - I am not telling - you'll have to watch it for yourself. What a great movie!

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Don Orlando is terrific as the Tijuana cab driver who knows all the places where they shoot craps

Coleen Gray as Helen Foster, or Punkin to her Dad

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