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Laurel and Hardy in Flying Deuces (1939) - B&W - 68 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic Laurel and Hardy movie called Flying Deuces. Ollie and Stan are in Paris France, the city of love - when Ollie falls in love with a beautiful women. Trouble is - it turns out she is married to a soldier. Heartbroken - the boys decide to join the French Foreign Legion. They quickly tire of the military routine and decide to quit. The trouble is - you are not allowed to quit, and they AWOL. And yes, as you might expect, they get into all kinds of trouble and create all varieties of comedy routines in the process.

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Laurel and Hardy in Flying Deuces
Directed by - A. Edward Sutherland

(1939) - B&W - 68 min
This a terrific film to see some of the true masters of early comedy in top form. Laurel and Hardy were simply the best - they were always ready and willing to take the gag just one step over the line, and then do it again. A remarkable comedy duo. This is a must see classic for all film buffs.

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc The story begins at a quiet cafe in Paris, where Ollie seems to have fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Georgette. And she seems fond of him too - but not THAT fond. You see, Georgette is happily married to Francois. After Ollie pops the question and is told... sorry, he just wants to be alone. Stan tries to console him in a very funny and touching scene.

with Stan Laurel as Stan

Charles Middleton as the Commandant

Part two
Stan suggests that Ollie might consider doing himself in and Ollie thinks that is a wonderful idea. But he doesn't want to go alone and encourages poor Stan to join him. The boys are next to the river Seine ready to throw a big stone that is tied to them into the water when a soldier suggests they join the French Foreign Legion. That will help him forget. After a lots of laughs and bungling - the comedy duo decides to join the famous French Army. Suffice it to say - they are not born soldiers. Features a hilarious scene where the two clean laundry for the entire camp.

Stan Laurel and Ollie Hardy get ready to pop the question to Georgette

Part three
Stan and Ollie decide they have had enough of the Legion and wish to just leave. Which is what they do. More very funny scenes of classic vaudeville humor. They almost get away but not quite.

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Laurel and Hardy in Flying Deuces
Directed by - A. Edward Sutherland

Starring - Stan Laurel as Stan, Oliver Hardy as Ollie, Jean Parker as Georgette, Reginald Gardner as Francois, Jean Del Val as the Sergeant, Crane Whitley as the Corporal (as Clem Wilenchick), Clharles Middleton as the Commandant, James Finlayson as the Jailor Sam Lufkin as the Legionnaire,

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Oliver Hardy as Ollie

Part four
Laurel and Hardy get tossed in jail. A wonderful scene where Stan plays a harp made from the bed springs and wire supports. Amazing! Then they get a note which offers a secret escape route. They head to the airfield for the stunning conclusion. Will they make it out alive or will Ollie get killed and come back as a horse just as he wished?

Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel in the cockpit of a vintage warplane

one of the Legionnaires of the French Foreign Legion

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Jean Parker as the beautiful, but already married Georgette

One of the soldiers finds time to make a silly face

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Georgette greets Francois when he is on leave

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