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They Made Me a Criminal (1939) - B&W - 92 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - They Made Me a Criminal (1939) starring John Garfield, Claude Rains, Ann Sheridan, and the Dead End Kids, with Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall. Johnnie Bradfield (John Garfield) a boxer with a crushing left hook wins the Championship. But then, there's a murder and a terrible car crash killing the main suspect who in fact, is still alive. So many twists and turns - and Claude Rains delivers an ending like Casablanca. Lots of fun. The film was directed by the great Busby Berkeley, who is best known as a choreographer - including the Scarecrow's dance in The Wizard of Oz. And the legendary Max Steiner is the composer of the musical scoring for They Made Me A Criminal.

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They Made Me a Criminal
Directed by - Busby Berkeley

(1939) - B&W - 92 min
John Garfield was born in New York as Jacob Jules Garfinkel. When he signed with Warner Brothers - they changed it to John Garfield. In 1938 - he was big news for his role as Mickey Borden in Four Daughters. In 1939 - Garfiled made SIX movies. He was a very hot property. Later, Garfield was a major subject in the Communist Witch Hunts. He refused to implicate anyone and had trouble getting work. And when he died in May 1952 at the age of 39 - his funeral was mobbed by adoring fans. The last time something like thas had happened, it was in with Rudolph Valentino.

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc The story begins at the world championship fight and Johnnie Bradfield (John Garfield) is the new champ. Later that night, a snoopy reporter named Magee gets a scoop that will ruin Johnny's image to the public that loves him. Johnny's tries to punch him, but KO's himself because he is so drunk. And the manager hits him with a bottle and kills him by accident. But he is quick to blame Johnnie and then run off in Johhnie's car, with his girl Goldie, and all the money. But wait - instant karma - their getaway car gets chased by the cops and then the manger and Goldie crash into a tree, burst in flames, and die . There's more - they think the dead body of the manager is Johnnie Bradfield, the main suspect in the killing of the reporter Magee.

with John Garfield as the fugitive boxer

Claude Rains as Det. Monty Phelan

Part two
All the news hits the paper and Johnnie sees his attorney. His attorney tells him he's a dead mna, and he should be thrilled and get out of here. Then Johnnie tells him he has $10,000 in a safety deposit box and asks the lawyer to get it for him. He does - and gives Johnnie $250, the rest is his fee. HA! So Johnnie hits the road and travels across the country to start a new life.

Some of the fans yell - BOOO!

Part three
Jack spends some more time with the boys and teaches them some dirty tricks and some boxing moves too. Later - they run into a lot of trouble when they go swimming in an active irrigation water tank.

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They Made Me a Criminal
Directed by - Busby Berkeley

Starring - John Garfield as Johnnie Bradfield, aka Jack Dorney Ann Sheridan as Goldie West, Claude Rains as Detective Monty Phelan, May Robson as Grandma Rafferty, Leo Gorcey as Spit, Huntz Hall as Dippy, Bobby Jordan as Angel, Billy Halop as Tommy, Gloria Dickson as Peggy

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Ann Sheridan as Goldie West

Part four
Peggy learns that Jack was a hero and saved the boys from sure death. And voila - the romance between the two blossoms. Jack sees a interesting poster about a boxer coming to town about wonders if he can still fight. The boys con a poor little rich kid in a crazy game of poker - by total cheating, they take all the kids clothes and his camera and trade it in for some cool boxing gloves for Jack.

Johnnie Bradfield wins the World Boxing Championship

Part five
A brutal pro boxer is coming to town - ready to take all wanna be fighters. They get $500 a round if they can last with the Wild Bull, Gaspar Rutchek, played by Frank Riggi. And a light goes off in Jack's head about how he can get the money for the gas station pump - he can stay 4 rounds with this guy. But wait - back in the big city, Det. Monty sees a picture of Jack, and notice's Jack funny left hand stance. So he gets curious and makes his way to see the fight, just in case that is Johnnie Bradfield.

May Robson as Grandma Rafferty

Part six
Watch the terrific conclusion - will Jack win the fight and get the money for the filling station? Or will he get arrested first. or worse after the fight by Detective Monty Phelan who knows that Jack is really Johnnie. Great ending!

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Gloria Dickson as Peggy

the ruthless Pro boxer, Gaspar Rutchek, better known as the Wild Bull. He'll take all comers at $500 a round if anyone can stay with him.

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