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Horror Hotel - City of the Dead (1960) - B&W - 76 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel is proud to present Horror Hotel, starring Christopher Lee, a legend in the horror genre. The film also introduces a new star - Venetia Stevenson as Nan Barlow, the young student who will get sacrificed in part 3. Well guess what - Venetia Stevenson is Don Everly's ex-wife, like Phil & Don, Bye, Bye Love and Wake Up Little Susie. But wait - Don and Venetia's daughter married Axel Rose of Guns 'n Roses, so that makes her Axel's ex mother-in-law. (they got divorced). But I digress - Horror Hotel is a really creepy movie that is also funny at times because the acting is - shall we say - stiff.

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Horror Hotel - City of the Dead
Directed by - John Llewellyn Moxie

(1960) - B&W - 76 min
Christopher Lee is wonderful as you might expect. He is at ease with portraying creepy weirdos and does it all too naturally. HA! The final scene in the graveyard is a hoot. I did not know that the shadow of the cross would make witches burst into flames... but they do, watch!

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc The story begins with the burning of a witch named Elizabeth Selwyn. Years later, at an elite New England College, we meet a young student named Nan Barlow (played by Venetia Stevenson), who is interested in the history of witchcraft. Her professor (Christopher Lee) encourages her to learn more in a small little town of Whitefield and to stay at the Raven's Inn, the only hotel in town. Because in this town, Elizabeth Selwyn was executed for witchcraft in 1692. Trouble is, the folks there worship the devil and she is the young virgin they are planning to sacrifice on Candlemass Eve.

Christopher Lee as Professor Alan Driscoll

Patricia Jessel as Elizabeth Selwyn the witch and she's also Mrs. Newless

Part two
Of course, Nan doesn't know that she is the object of their murderous plans, so she gleefully heads out to the Raven's Inn and meets Mrs. Newless, who looks a lot like Elizabeth Selwyn. Ahhh. She is. Nan also gets a book and learns more about the old witchcraft practices, especially Candlemass Eve, where they worship the devil by sacrificing a young virgin.

some terrific creepy old ladies.

Part three
As Nan gets in deeper and deeper - it's too late when she learns the truth. Nan gets stabbed on the altar by Elizabeth Selwyn and her coven of witches and warlocks. Meanwhile, her brother Richard and boyfriend Bill wonder what in the world has happened to Nan.

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Horror Hotel - City of the Dead
Directed by - John Llewellyn Moxie

Starring - Venetia Stevenson as Ban Barlow, Christopher Lee as Prof. Alan Driscoll, Patricia Jessel as Elizabeth Selwyn and Mrs. Newless, Tom Naylor as Bill Maitland, Dennis Lotis as Richard Barlow, Valentine Dyall as Jethrow Keane, Betta St. John as Patricia Russell,

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Venetia Stevenson as Nan Barlow

Part four
Richard meets with Professor Alan Driscoll and decides he needs to head out to Whitefield to learn what happened to his sister. Bill decides to follow in his car, but ends up crashing his car into a tree. He's ok. We also meet the lovely Patricia Russel, a normal girl from Whitefield who owns the bookstore. She loaned Nan the book on witchcraft, and she is also Reverend Russell's daughter. But nobody goes to church in Whitefield, and it seems the Reverend might have a screw loose.

Dennis Lotis as Richard Barlow, Nan's brother

Part five
Richard and Patricia seem to be giving each other the ?ooh la la? eyes, but there is no time for romance. Why? Because it seems there's another witch ceremony coming soon, where another virgin wil be sacrificed. And the witches have decided that Patricia would do nicely.

Part six
Things start getting weird again. Oh my, there sure are a lot of bad witches lurking about. You'll love the terrific climax in the graveyard. Will they get Patrica too? Watch and find out!

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