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Lion is Busy, The (1950) - Color - 7 min

The LikeTelevision™ cartoon channel presents The Lion's Busy starring Leo the Lion who is celebrating his 10th birthday. All seems terrific till he learns from a hungry little vulture that lion's are only expected to live for 10 years. Hilarious fun as the vulture does what he can to speed up the lion's demise and have himself a solid meal. It ain't so easy and the toon ends up somewhere on the moon.

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Lion is Busy, The
Directed by -

(1950) - Color - 7 min

A bad day at the office for Leo the Lion

The vulture gets the high ground on this one

Lion is Busy, The Message Board

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Lion is Busy, The
Directed by -

Starring - Leo the Lion, Beaky Buzzard, Assorted animals,

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The Vulture gets ready for a weenie roast

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