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Teacher's Pest (1950) - Color - 7 min

The LikeTelevision™ cartoon channel presents Teacher's Pest -which features a young Owl who is off to his first day at school. But it seems that this little fellow will not follow in the footsteps of his brainy family, as he decides to play hooky and ends up getting in some major trouble. A classic education cartoon about the rigors of academic achievement and cutting classes.

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Teacher's Pest
Directed by - Isadore Sparber

(1950) - Color - 7 min

Mama Owl shows the little tyke the family Owlbum of genius ancestors

Mr. Wolf dresses up as Little Owl's first teacher

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Teacher's Pest
Directed by - Isadore Sparber

Starring - Junior the Owl, Mama Owl, The Wolf

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Mama finds baby Owl in hot water

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