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Winter Draws On (1948) - Color - 7 min

The LikeTelevision™ cartoon channel presents Winter Draws On - a terrific cartoon about birds flying south for the winter. The temperature is dropping and the Iceman Cometh and all the wise birds are migrating to warmer climates - well all the birds except one hapless family that is waiting for an egg to hatch. I'm Alabamy Bound - they'll be no Heebie Jeebies Hangin' Round. This cartoon is the first to offer a Blues tune as part of the soundtrack, though Leadbelly isn't singing it.

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Winter Draws On
Directed by - Seymour Kneitel

(1948) - Color - 7 min

Buzzy the Crow makes a cameo

Taking a ride in the Pelican Taxi service

Winter Draws On Message Board

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Winter Draws On
Directed by - Seymour Kneitel

Starring - Buzzy the Crow has a Cameo, Other birds flying south

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Using a candle to see the young chick inside the egg

A statue just might get pooped on

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