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Psychomania (1971) - Color - 95 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel proudly presents Psychomania (a.k.a. Death Wheelers, The Living Dead, The Frog and Death Wheelers are ... Psycho Maniacs) - a bizarre cult classic Biker film - where the leader gets into a weird occult idol worship of frogs, and then ends his morbid existence, so he can come back and be even more terrible. The Biker Gang is called the Living Dead, and they all have their names monogrammed on their little jumpsuits. How adorable is that? Just like The Wiggles or something.

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Directed by - Don Sharp

(1971) - Color - 95 min
This 1971 film also has some terrific period music - some of it is quite entertaining - especially the over the top wah-wah sections. And then - there's the folk song at Tom's funeral, where he gets buried on his motorcycle. You will want to smash his guitar to pieces the song is plain awful. It seems these bikers are licking too many toads, hence our new name for the film, The DaVinci Toad.

Part one
Intro, Color, credits, etc. Psychomania is a bizarre British biker film about a guy named Tom - who is the leader of a diabolical biker gang called The Living Dead. Tom's mother is into the occult - and little Tom wants in on the witchcraft. Break out your amulets.

Two of the Living Dead Biker gang cruise the road with their groovy custom skull helmet visors

Nicky Henson as Tom, the deranged leader of the pack

Part two
Tom survives the dreaded room - and learns that he can return from the dead - as long as he believes he can. So Tom takes the gang on a wild smash up spree followed by an amazing police chase on the winding roads in the UK. Very cool - till Tom decides to kill himself - so he can return from the dead, cause more trouble - because he cannot be killed.... i mean once you are dead and all. We end with the famous - Tom's funeral, where he is buried - riding on his motorcycle. Plus an amazingly annoying song. Check it out.

Robert Hardy as Chief Inspector Hesseltine

Part three
Oh my - Tom really does come back from the dead. And he's ready to cause more trouble than ever before. As he explains to his biker buddies about his death and back again experience.

Psychomania Message Board

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Directed by - Don Sharp

Starring - Nicky Henson as Tom, George Sanders as Shadwell, Beryl Reid as Mrs. Latham, Mary Larkin as Abby, Roy Holder as Bertram, Ann Michelle as Jane, Miles Greenwood as Chopped Meat, Denis Gilmore as Hatchet,

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Starring Geaorge Sanders as Shadwell

Part four
Part four is hilarious as we get to watch how each of the gang members choose to do themselves in. My favorite is the biker who wearing massive and heavy chains. He jumps into deep water. Too funny.

With Mary Larkin as Abby

Part five
But once again - things do not always turn out as planned for the bad guys. Watch the stunning conclusion to Psychomania.

Beryl Reid as Tom's mother, Mrs. Latham

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This frog is only found in graveyards. Maximus Leopardus , that's right... who writes this stuff?

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