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Dragnet - Big Seventeen, The (1952) - B&W - 23 min

The LikeTelevision™ classic TV channel presents another terrific episode of Dragnet, starring our favorite TV cop, Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday. In this episode - The Big Seventeen - Joe is working hard to find a 17 year old kid who has a stolen a bunch of high grade heroin. If he starts selling it to other kids - Joe fears a lot of kids will overdose on the uncut drugs. But - the police are too late, and the kid who stole the drugs dies of a drug overdose. Overall, a terrific Dragnet episode - also features an interesting part where the kids went crazy and trashed the movie theater. And the owner turns over a little box filled with drugs to Joe. What's in the box? Two joints of marijuana. Is that what I think it is. I am not wrong am I?? Joe responds - no sir, no mistake, it marijuana.

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Dragnet - Big Seventeen, The
Directed by - Jack Webb

(1952) - B&W - 23 min
If you enjoyed this episode of Dragnet - our staff suggests you check out three movies - The Man with the Golden Arm (preview), Born to Win (preview) and Brother from Another Planet (preview).Each of these movies offer chilling renditions of the terrible effects of heroin on the human spirit.

Part one

Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday, super cop

Allen Roberts as Evelyn Maxwell, the sweet girlfriend

Part two

Acclaimed character actor Bill Bouchey as Harold Everson Sr.,

Dragnet - Big Seventeen, The Message Board

LikeTelevision™ Classic TV
Dragnet - Big Seventeen, The
Directed by - Jack Webb

Starring - Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday, Herb Ellis as Officer Frank Alexander, Herb Vigran as Jocko Harris, Vivi Janess as Mrs. Demmering, Allene Roberts as Evelyn Maxwell, Bill Bouchey as Harold Everson Sr., Edwin Bruce as Harold Everson Jr.

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Herb Vigran as Jocko Harris, a drug pusher who gets beaten to death by a 17 year old kid

Herb Ellis as Joe's donut buddy, Frank Alexander

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