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Don't Look in the Basement (1973) - Color - 88 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents The Forgotten, also know as - Don't Look in the Basement. I don't want to include any spoilers for this movie - because it is much more fun to let the craziness unravel before your eyes. So.. in general - things get really crazy in a rural insane asylum when the patients start to fight amongst themselves and find all kinds of clever ways to do each other in.

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Don't Look in the Basement
Directed by - S.F. Brownrigg

(1973) - Color - 88 min
This was a pretty decent movie for the horror genre of film. A decent amount of blood and guts - so we would not recomment this for children. But by today's standards - it isn't especially gross - in fact many scenes are almost funny if your humor trends toward the slightly sick. If you have any questions - make sure you do not axe the judge, I mean ask the judge.

Part one
Intro, Color, credits, etc. The film begins in the pastoral setting of the Stephens Sanitorium, where Dr. Stephens a kindly doctor has some new fangled ways of treating psychiatric patients. Hmmm.. his new method might just get the best of him, but we'd have to axe the judge about that. In no time, Dr. Masters is now running the place - but wait, one day a new nurse arrives - named Charlotte Beale who is not only beautiful, she seems to be quite kind and understanding of all the patient idiosyncrocies too.

Rosie Holotik as nurse Charlotte Beale

Dr. Masters of Masters and Johnson - I don't think so

Part two
Things continue to get more and more disturbing - as murder and mayhem are part of the daily fare. Meanwhile - would someone get Sam a popsicle?

This is what the fun house looks like from the outside

Part three
Then things settle down a bit, as the doctors seem to once again get control of the place. We learn more about each of the patients and what is driving them crazy. Wow - some very interesting people at the Stephens Sanitarium

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Don't Look in the Basement
Directed by - S.F. Brownrigg

Starring - Rosie Holotik as nurse Charlotte Beale, Annabelle Weenik as Dr. Masters, Bill McGhee as Sam, Michael as Dr. Stephens, Harryette Warren as Jennifer, Jessie Lee Fulton as Jane St. Claire, Jessie Kirgy as Danny, Robert Dracup as Ray Daniels, Hugh Feagin as Sergeant Jaffee,

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Don't touch my baby - Ok, fine by me

Part four
The judge is really getting creepy - as he wants to hold court and pass judgement. The problem is - the judge is crazy, or shall we say, crazier than most judges.

Gene Ross as Judge Oliver W. Cameron - he has an ax to grind, no doubt about it

Part five
Things really get out of hand. Slash, chop, mutilate and spindle. You want blood - we got blood.

Bill McGhee as Sam - he likes popsicles - A lot!

Part six
Nurse Charlotte decides she wants to get out of here. Problem is - the place is locked with no way out. But wait - maybe there's an exit in the basement. Oh no - do NOT look in the basement. Watch the conclusion and see who gets out alive.

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Camilla Carr as Harriet - she likes to say, Go Away!

Dr. Stephens runs the Sanitarium - he should run away from the place and listen to the old lady

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