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Dubious Lampoonery - Kinky Fried Man (1977) - Color - 2 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents Doobious Lampoonery, some short video parodies from a 1977 film called American Raspberry. The list of stars in this film is seemingly endless. Check out IMDB for a full listing. The series - Doobious Lampoonery contains adult situations, course language and some brief nudity. As such, it is recommended for adults only. The second clip in this 7 pack is called Kinky Fried Man and features Kinky Friedman as Ol Ben Lucas, the cowboy racounteur. The ditty goes like this - Ol Ben Lucas, had a lot of mucus coming right out of his nose. And now many years later - sweet Kinky Friedman is running for Governor of Texas. Only in America. Followed by the Frontier Gynecologist - a very silly comedy short. Given the passage of time - the comedy is even more weird than when it first aired.

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Dubious Lampoonery - Kinky Fried Man
Directed by - Bradley R. Swirnoff

(1977) - Color - 2 min

Fred Dryer as Himself

Craig Richard Nelson as Bud Schuler

The oo_bop guy.

Dubious Lampoonery - Kinky Fried Man Message Board

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Dubious Lampoonery - Kinky Fried Man
Directed by - Bradley R. Swirnoff

Starring - Kinky Friedman as Ol Ben Lucas,

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Kinky Friedman as Ol Ben Lucas

George Furth as the President

Dick O'Neil as General Andrews

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David Speilberg and Pamela Guest as Mr. And Mrs. Dorset. Pamela Guest is Christopher Guest's sister-in-law.

Royce D. Applegate and Laura Fanning for Miracle Whte

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